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Business Beat

More people left Alberta for other provinces in the third quarter of 2009 than came to the province from elsewhere in Canada, show figures from Statistics Canada.

Health Monitor

An unauthorized health product found on the Canadian market contains a chemical with no therapeutic use that can cause serious health problems.

Lieutenant-governor welcomes the public

Back in the days when British colonial governors ruled, one of the main beverages at the traditional New Year’s Day LevĂ©e was moose milk, a boisterous concoction of whiskey or rum mixed with goat’s milk and flavoured with nutmeg and cinn

Cancer treatment lagging in Alberta - report

Alberta is lagging behind most other provinces in providing timely access to cancer radiation treatment, says a new report issued by the Frontier Centre for Public Policy, a prairie-based think tank.

Police looking for suspects in theft

The St. Albert Crime Stoppers Association is asking for your assistance in solving the following crime: On Nov. 25, between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., unknown person(s) entered the residence at 55 Woodcrest Ave. in St. Albert.
One woman dead in Ray Gibbon crash

One woman dead in Ray Gibbon crash

A baby's cries pierced the air Monday afternoon at the scene of a horrific crash that later claimed the life of the child's young mother. The 34-year-old woman died after the crash on Ray Gibbon Drive, just south of McKenney Avenue around 12:45 p.m.

Good Samaritan carjacked

A pair who made the worst of a woman’s best intentions last week are still on the run and police are appealing to the public for help.

Transit hikes take effect

City transit users are being reminded they’ll have to dig a little deeper into their wallets to get from point A to B in the new year. New fares for St. Albert Transit take effect Jan.

Weird Science

Researchers have discovered how female ducks avoid unwanted sex: counter-threaded genitals. Ducks are one of the few known birds to have penises, says Pat Kehoe, a St. Albert waterfowl biologist with Ducks Unlimited.

Health Monitor

A group of researchers who cracked the codes of two lethal cancers have reported they also tracked the DNA mutations of the melanoma cells.