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Local Mounties headed to games

When the 2010 Olympics open in Vancouver next month St. Albert’s representation won’t just be, hopefully, on the podium, but also as part of the massive security operation. Nine officers from the St.

Study ignores new methods, teacher says

Recent news about negative experiences in sports ignore many of the positive changes that have happened in the last couple of decades, said a local physical education teacher.

Akinsdale site has controversial history

The Protestant school board has agreed to sell 70 Arlington Dr. to Habitat For Humanity for $840,000 but the deal is subject to the land being rezoned for residential development. The purchase price of $840,000 has been donated by the City of St.

Cool as ice

It's a brisk -17 C tonight, but the players are going hard, careening into the corners and rattling the boards as they jostle for a puck that insists on hiding in a forest of skates.

Winterkill slays river fish

Scores of northern pike are dead by Riel Pond after warm weather and open water drew them to their doom. River watchers spotted a large number of dead white fish in a patch of open water on the Sturgeon River Thursday.

Loggers strike River Lot 56

Police and the province are asking for the public’s help to stop illegal logging in River Lot 56.

Court Briefs

Loud music, alcohol and poor decision-making led to a very brief jail stint and a fine for a local man.

Study sounds weight alarm

Young Canadians are heavier, weaker, and less fit than their counterparts of 20 years ago, finds a new study, and scholars say we'll need a major change in our approach to exercise to head off a wave of obesity.

Attempted child luring raises concern

The RCMP is asking parents to give their kids a refresher course on personal safety after three incidents involving strangers and local kids. On Nov.

Locals protest program cuts

Empty bottles and raised voices flooded Edmonton's McDougall United Church this week as more than one thousand people gathered to protest cuts to disability services.