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Sex offender's parole revoked

A man who was out on parole after serving seven years for a brutal sexual assault on an 11-year-old girl returned to prison last week.

A man who was out on parole after serving seven years for a brutal sexual assault on an 11-year-old girl returned to prison last week.

A parole board voted unanimously to revoke the full parole Kevin John Taylor, 46, received in 2008 and return him to prison.

Taylor pleaded guilty in September 2000 to the kidnapping, sexual assault and unlawful confinement of the Sturgeon County girl and was sentenced to a 12-year prison term.

Taylor went to the young girl’s home pretending to be an interested buyer for her family’s home.

Once inside the house, Taylor forced the young girl to the ground and duct-taped her hands, mouth and eyes and then took to her a remote field and sexually assaulted her.

He left the girl, still bound by the tape, in the field and told her she was being watched and should remain there. He even went so far as to make phone calls to a fictitious accomplice.

Taylor received full parole in June 2008 after serving seven years and completing a sex offender treatment program.

The treatment program consisted of two parts — the first taking place inside a psychiatric institution while the second was to begin after his parole in the community.

According to the parole board decision, Taylor’s return to life outside prison walls went poorly.

Just three months after being released parole officials discovered he was deceiving a woman and misidentifying himself.

According to documents, he also displayed suspicious behaviour, a poor attitude and a tendency to be honest about slips and mistakes only after they were discovered.

As a result he was returned to the secure unit of the sex offender treatment program.

He was released again in November 2008, but more concerns emerged when, in April 2009, he appeared to have harassed a woman on the bus.

He also told parole officials he was seeing a woman, off and on, but lied about who the woman was. Parole officials later found out she was a sex-trade worker and drug addict.

In another interview, Taylor told parole officials he was dating a real estate agent, which caused them concern in light of the original crime.

In their written decision, the two-member parole board said Taylor’s persistent actions in deceiving the parole board warranted a return to prison.

“Your level of deceit and distortion of events is of grave concern, given the fact that you are a repeat, violent sexual offender who had received high-intensity treatment.”

They also rejected returning Taylor to a psychiatric hospital for more treatment.

“Returning you to the sex offender treatment program does not seem appropriate as you have had two stays, both of a significant duration.”

They ultimately decided that Taylor had been given all of the opportunities to turn himself around but instead he attempted to trick the people assigned to him.

“The circumstances surrounding your suspension, the lying and deception, were all within your control.”

Taylor’s full prison sentence ends in January, 2013. His original sentence required him to submit a DNA sample to the national databank and register as a sex offender with the national registry.

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