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LETTER: We are paying the highest taxes for amenities we don't have

'Another pool is needed for a fast-growing St. Albert.'

I am writing about our pool situation in St. Albert. When Mayor Cathy Heron first took office, a vote was presented to the public as to what St. Albert wanted. The pool was number one. Instead, a library was built.

I am a senior lane swimmer. Seniors need that pool for many reasons. It is a low-impact exercise. Swim teams have nowhere to go. Servus Place has always been a leisure pool with one lane for lane swimmers. Now the city is going to raise our taxes to possibly eight per cent. A lot of seniors are on a fixed income.

Why are we paying the highest taxes for amenities we don't have?

Yes, there is talk of an aquatic centre. As far as I am concerned it is all talk to keep us appeased. Another pool is needed for a fast-growing St. Albert. There are many up-and-coming seniors who need to exercise. I'm so disappointed and frustrated that we now must travel for up to 30 minutes or more to lane swim. Who knows how long Fountain Park will be closed? Sometime in 2023.

Carol Gallagher, St. Albert


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