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LETTER: Waste of taxpayers' money for city to plant trees, shrubs, then let them die

"I know if any of us in the private sector costed our company thousands of dollars due to negligence, we would be fired."

We had a variety of trees and shrubs planted on our boulevard two or three springs ago. They were a beautiful addition and a wonderful aid for noise control on Levasseur Road.

After the planting, several of us called the city many times to come and water these newly planted trees. Residents even tried to water them. but it was a struggle, as we needed 90 metres of hose to reach our spigot.

Well, the inevitable happed. They all died and were cut down and the stumps ground in June of this year.

There are eight to 10 Japanese Tree Lilacs planted on the west side of Gervais Road that are in desperate need of care. They need a good watering, a pruning, fertilization, and then a regular watering program. They are planted on a slanted berm, so when we get a downpour, they get no benefit. They, too, will soon see the chain saw.

There was a new noise barrier wall built along St. Albert Trail, at the north end, and with came landscaping which included the planting of numerous trees and shrubs for many blocks. Up until June 26, these trees and shrubs had not been watered. They were wilting badly. I will be surprised if they all make it.

Our tax dollars are being wasted. The head of that city department should be fired. Or is this a make-work project? I know if any of us in the private sector costed our company thousands of dollars due to negligence, we would be fired.

Is this one of the reasons for the shortfall?

Residents and council need to know how their department heads are operating their departments. If this work is contracted out, who follows through with the contractor? Who do these departments report to and how? Who is responsible for these losses that taxpayers must bear?

I would like to see some accountability concerning this matter.

Sylvia Lafontaine, president, The Gables Condominium Association, St. Albert


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