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LETTER: Unrealistic to hold tax increase at zero

'I agree we must be responsible in how we spend, but to say that we shouldn't increase taxes at all is a limited way of thinking.'

All this talk about keeping zero-per-cent tax increase is ridiculous.

I'm not sure what to think about all these recent letters from people saying that the city must keep tax increases to zero per cent for next year. I'm all for looking for efficiencies, but this zero-per-cent request is just nonsense.

Part of the reason why we are in this position now is that we were unwilling to look for ways to pay for things before, so we just keep kicking the can down the road. So, all of these people are just saying keep kicking the can until they're dead and then deal with it. Absolutely irresponsible and selfish.

I like St. Albert because of all it has it offer, and not just the bare necessities. If St. Albert started stripping away all of the so-called non-essentials, there is no point living here. You could move to Edmonton or elsewhere. I guess some people have no problem keeping St. Albert a bedroom community, I'm not one of them. I want to live in a lively city that offers great programs, festivals, walking trails, natural areas, shopping, art, history, and much more. I think those are the main reasons people choose to live here. I'm also particularly thinking about younger people. Often all the complaints come from adults who can't seem to get that we need a city for all of our people. Most times these types of cuts people want affect our younger folks, who don't get a vote. We need to think about them as well.

I agree we must be responsible in how we spend, but to say that we shouldn't increase taxes at all is a limited way of thinking. I would hope more people would look at how to increase our revenues and start bringing solutions in that respect. But of course, every time the city tries to do that, there will be more letters from folks opposed to that as well. You just can't win sometimes in this city.

But please don't ruin this city by listening to folks who have no actual solutions and just like to only think of themselves.

Don Bokenfohr, St. Albert


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