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LETTER: Thanks due for local hero

Tony Robinson makes our community a better place

In a time when we are teaching our children to be cautious about who they meet on the internet, I never expected myself to share my home address and instructions to go into my backyard with a stranger on Facebook. 

However, Tony Robinson seems anything but a stranger. This humble hero is always offering support in the comments of Facebook posts from people like myself who find themselves in need. I was stranded 45 minutes from St. Albert with two young children and no spare tire on the way to a campground. I posted on Facebook asking if I could pay for someone to deliver our spare tire, and Tony volunteered himself immediately.

This man asks for no monetary thank you, but instead considers his help a service to our community. I specifically used the word humble earlier because he truly is. He is an unrecognized citizen who time and time again goes out of his way to provide help to people, whether it be vocational advice to those feeling out different career paths, gas gift cards to encourage someone to help drive a neighbour when he cannot, grocery delivery during COVID, you name it. 

Thank you to Tony for being the unsung hero of St. Albert, and for your generous spirit and unending service to people like me. You make our community a better place and you should know that.

Danielle Ziesman, St. Albert


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