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LETTER: Column calling unvaccinated 'freeloaders' harsh, uncompassionate

"Those who cannot take the vaccine do not need this kind of belittlement and judgment."

Re: "Anti-vaccination 'freeloaders' will still reap benefits," Chris Nelson column, The Gazette, June 16.

A disappointing submission by Chris Nelson. First of all, I don’t know if he understands that Alberta hospitals are full of patients with more than 100 other illnesses and are unable to receive any extra vaccinations. Those who are not in the hospital live at home, often receiving extra care with a delicate balance of health.

There will always be 30 per cent of people who don’t jump on a bandwagon, and that does not make them freeloaders. It makes them discerning and personally responsible for their health and working in close alignment with expert physicians.

I would submit that the freeloaders are all the people who run like sheep to get a free shot with limited efficacy and no guarantee of stopping transmission, so they can all rush off to the airport and travel or do whatever they want.

If there are freeloaders now it is not because they are bad people, it is because we have a government that has been manipulating people right from the start. Shame on our premier for turning Alberta citizens' health issues into a money lottery.

Your column is harsh, uncompassionate, and selfish. You are a public figure and those who cannot take the vaccine do not need this kind of belittlement and judgment.

“There is nothing worse than ignorance except arrogance.” – Albert Einstein

Heide Toner, St. Albert


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