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LETTER: An ode to the removal of electronics, social media ...

'Keeping up with the wanting web is driving me insane.'


My cellphone and I aren’t talking, I think I’ve heard enough

The things we were discussing was needy nonsense stuff

Messages from Facebook again and again and again

Keeping up with the wanting web is driving me insane


Emails every morning, so much texting through the day

How could anyone keep up, there’s only so much one can say

Here’s an email from a publisher, for a contest I may have won

I’m trying to form an answer and here comes another one


I’m looking for a strategy that will give me back a life

Like reading a best seller or a long walk with my wife

I just need a moment and not a permanent immunity

Without the interruption of the world-wide community


So, I’m swearing off of fakebook and shutting down my phone

There’ll be no more social media, I just want some time alone

I will be living in the moment, if only for this day

I hope you all don’t miss me; I have nothing more to say


Don Hamaliuk, St. Albert


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