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Curbing the teen gaming obsession - a parent's guide

A St. Albert parent recently expressed concern that her teenage son was spending too much time playing video games.

Helmets, task force solution to scooters

Strange things can happen on the Red Willow Trail. On one hand, spending a sunny afternoon gingerly cycling along the Sturgeon River without a helmet risks a $100 blow to the pocketbook. But once a rider dons headgear, look out.

Know your insurance policy before you travel

Last time I discussed the three main types of travel insurance: medical, trip cancellation and trip interruption.

St. Albert should look at a ward system

The municipal elections will soon be upon us as three years have nearly passed and it is time to assess how well we were represented.

There's a fine line between courtesy and ignorance

Among such social graces as good manners, politeness and respect comes a quality that is held in comparable esteem as common sense. What is it? It is common courtesy.

Dogs need to be under control

While I don’t hate dogs, I don’t trust them, which means I try to avoid them. A well-trained and controlled dog is a delight and pleasure and can fill people’s lives with joy and companionship.

Know the facts about travel insurance

Travel insurance in simplified terms is insurance that is intended to cover medical expenses, financial and other losses incurred while travelling in Canada and abroad.

All power to the principal

Dave Hancock, our minister of education, was on CBC Radio the other day talking about special needs students.

Arlington Drive up in the air despite vote

For a public hearing, Monday's Arlington Drive session had it all. Sizeable crowd? Check. An engaged, and at times emotional public ready to speak its mind? Check.

Poor taste has nothing to do with the food

In the past while, the normally placid byway of oral storytelling has been enlivened by public salvos on the issue of taste and censorship. Several years ago a group began running “Story Slams” at a south-side Edmonton restaurant.