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We need to know our Arctic

Foreign policy is the sole domain of our federal government, but it is also a reflection of the domestic interests across Canada.

IDP breakup tests city, county relationship

Breakups are tough, especially when it’s not mutual. When one party leaves a relationship the other is often left with hurt feelings, recounting missed warning signs of what went wrong.

Summer vacations not so carefree anymore

Diploma exams, provincial achievement tests and final projects are completed. Teachers are entering final grades and putting closing comments on report cards while students speak of how many more sleeps to go before school is out.

Bikers' arguments don't pass muster

In 2006, research conducted by the University of Salford determined the worst noise in the world is the sound of vomiting.

Justices should be bilingual

Linguistic duality is an intrinsic part of our Canadian identity and values.

Summer politics, St. Albert-style

Summer approaches. And this year, we will be visited not only by mosquitoes, but by agitated fellow citizens and anxious incumbent politicians seeking our vote to sit on city council. Municipal elections are a funny business.

Presto! Property tax cure on the horizon

As sneaky taxes go, franchise fees are devious. They’re a win-win for cash-strapped cities, but pretty lousy for taxpayers who often don’t know who to blame for their hidden tax.

Progress gets in its own way

We seldom get an opportunity to question the “conventional wisdom,” but when we do we often find some of the most widely held assumptions are really quite false. A recent event gave me the chance to challenge this conventional wisdom.

Discover France one grape at a time

Ah, France, land of food and wine. For those of you that will be travelling to France there are basically seven regions that produce fine champagne, wines and spirits. In France about 70 per cent are red wines and 30 per cent white. Champagne.

I went to find the past and found tomorrow

I rarely wear a jacket and slacks these days, haven’t bought a dress shirt in more than five years, but Friday last I put on my very best, tucked four old black and white photos in my shirt pocket and set sail for HMCS Nonsuch on Kingsway.