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Parents know their children best

A year and a half ago, my husband and I sat with a group of educational “professionals,” discussing the downward spiral of our eight-year-old son.

Council compromise far from a 'win-win'

The issue that won’t go away, 70 Arlington Dr., is back, but not for the better. The proposed Habitat for Humanity project has gone through several incarnations, from 63 townhouse units to 58, and now 34 duplexes.


In Saturday’s Commentary, columnist Alan Murdock was identified as a local pediatrician. He is also the chair of the board of trustees of the Arts and Heritage Foundation, and should have been identified as such.

Is the sky really falling?

Let us begin with a note of admiration for the St. Albert Taxpayers Association. This highly vocal special interest group of St. Albert citizens is convinced that we are in terrible, terrible trouble, right here in the River City by the Sturgeon.

Kootenay National Park a golfer's paradise

Kootenay National Park is a place to not only take your family but also your golf clubs. This national park was declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984. It's about six hours or less from Edmonton by car.

Military news coverage resembles past

Ten years ago in this column (June 24, 2000) I griped that news coverage on Canadian Forces activity was beginning to sound like the old Police Gazette. There has been a recent resurgence.

San Francisco belongs in Canada

A favourite pastime of Canadians is to regale each other stories of ignorant Americans. Newfoundland comedian Rick Mercer even created a terrific television show about this phenomenon, called Talking to Americans.

Major decision faces council next month

One of the toughest council decisions of the term looms next month and it has nothing to do with downtown redevelopment, a city hall salary review or affordable housing.

FIFA needs to liven up World Cup

While the World Cup is always an exciting event, there is a repetitive pattern to the contenders that dramatically decreases the tension and excitement.

Time to start acting our age

I get around this community. I live here, work from my home, shop here, service my car here, buy my books here, try to make a community contribution here and am pleased and proud to call St. Albert my city.