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Students explore art themes in Re/LAUNCH/ing, vol. 9

Each month, will be displaying an online gallery of art created by high school students. These are May's submissions.
Sheryn Baldas
"Signs of Time" by Sheryn Baldas; white conté and charcoal. Scroll down for more art by local students and to read their thoughts on their artwork.

With school back in session, a new collaborative art project has been launched.

Re/LAUNCH/ing is aimed at hitting the same high notes that its predecessor with.draw.all did, but with the added emphasis on the intrinsic value of art to the artist.

Each month, will be displaying an online gallery of art created by high school students. May's rendition features 12 creations from students at Paul Kane, Bellerose and St. Albert Catholic High.


Ida RusevaArtist: Ida Ruseva
Grade 11
Title: Vending Machine
Artist's Statement: "I chose this reference because of its intricacies and vivid colours. I found it quite difficult to draw the labels because of its high detail and my limited colours. Additionally, the light and the reflections added a layer of complexity."


Sarah ValenciaArtist: Sarah Valencia
Grade 11
Title: Lockers at PK
Artist's Statement: "This piece was drawn from a picture that I took of a hallway at school. One difficulty that I came across while working on it was being able to get the right shading to show the dimension and depth of the picture."


Skyler McCallumArtist: Skyler McCallum
Grade 10
Title: A Ray
Artist's Statement: "This coloured pencil drawing is of my younger sister, Chaz-a-rae, over this last summer. She is one of my favourite people in the world, and this piece was given to her as a gift just before she went into surgery recently. The bright greens, and blues in the image help capture the summer warmth."


Danielle Hahn 2Artist: Danielle Hahn
Grade 11
Title: Scream
Artist's Statement: "I chose to do this portrait in red pen because this colour is associated with the emotion of anger being shown."


Brandyn SigfusonArtist: Brandyn Sigfuson
Grade 12
Title: Well-worn boot
Artist's Statement: "A well worn shoe is the window into a person's sole."


Amelie WagnerArtist: Amelie Wagner
Grade 12
Title: psychedelic art


Marijke VerveerArtist: Marijke Verveer
Grade 11
Title: *Innocence*
Artist's Statement: "Childhood means simplicity. Look at the world with the child's eye – it's very beautiful." – Kailash Satyarthi


Delaney McLayArtist: Delaney McLay
Grade 10
Title: Embroidered Heart


Ryan BabiukArtist: Ryan Babiuk
Grade 11
Title: Charcoal Bonobo
White conté pencil
Artist's Statement: "During the pandemic, I learned a lot about patience. This piece took me about 20 or so hours to complete. It's nice to watch how day by day the piece slowly gets done and I would always take a step back and look at what I have accomplished for the day. Once I get started it's really relaxing to just sit and draw. I usually listen to podcasts or music and would be drawing for hours on some days. It's like a meditative state once I get into it, although at the same time I have to pay attention to the light or shape and texture of what I'm drawing. This project was a great way to distract myself from everything else that's going on and I never really knew I could draw like this, so it opened me up to a lot of ideas on what I could do next."


Sophia GrossiArtist: Sophia Grossi
Grade 11
Title: Caught in an Omen's Glare
White conté
Artist's Statement: "While searching for inspiration for this white charcoal piece, I was immediately drawn to the profile of a crow, which would serve as a compelling reference, emphasizing the creature's black beauty through a white medium, demonstrating the level at which a single colour can impact an art piece."


Cassidy NouanethongArtist: Cassidy Nounanethong
Grade 12
Title: Exposed
Vine charcoal, black charcoal and graphite
Artist's Statement: "During a time where life may feel slow and stagnant, art can allow us to create and express ourselves no matter our conditions. What's beautiful about art is that everyone's eyes pick up different details, highlights and shadows. It is a gift to see other people's perspectives through their art as well as to be able to share my own."


Sheryn BaldasArtist: Sheryn Baldas
Grade 11
Title: Signs of Time
White conté and charcoal
Artist's Statement: "This piece was created with the intention of technical improvement, specifically through the highlights, lowlights and shadows of the face. The subject was specifically chosen to show the many different ways time can wear a person down; from the wrinkles between her eyes, the drapes of her headscarf and the lines rushing towards the dark shadows."
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