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Students explore art themes in Re/LAUNCH/ing, vol. 4

Each month, will be displaying an online gallery of art created by high school students. These are December's submissions.
SofiaFuscoBchs c
"The Golden City," by Sofia Fusco (Grade 10), pencil crayon. Scroll down to read Sofia's thoughts on this piece.

With school back in session, a new collaborative art project has been launched.

Re/LAUNCH/ing is aimed at hitting the same high notes that its predecessor with.draw.all did, but with the added emphasis on the intrinsic value of art to the artist.

Each month, will be displaying an online gallery of art created by high school students. December's rendition features 12 creations from students at Paul Kane, Bellerose and St. Albert Catholic High.

Hana Sombach two headsArtist: Hana Sombach
Grade 12
Chalk Pastel
Title: Two Heads Are Better Than One
Artist's Statement: "I based this project on the poem Two Heads Are Better Than One, I wanted to show the emotion the writer described. I decided to make one face red tones while the other I used yellow tones, I did this because I wanted to show hate and happiness. There is not really any method to my madness. I just knew I wanted to have a "devil" to represent hate."

BrandonPencilBCHSArtist: Brandyn Sigfuson
Grade 12
Title: Disengagement
Artist's Statement: "This work portrays the internal feelings of separation we are feeling during this time of isolation."

Caiden Reschke SculptureArtist: Caiden Reschke
Grade 12
Title: My Friend
Artist's Statement: "This is a clay model of a panorama my best friend sent to me one night. In the original image his lower jaw was stretched giving  him multiple mouths; I thought it would be entertaining to remodel and send as a gift."

Erica Hycha hanging still lifeArtist: Erica Hycha
Grade 12
Pencil Crayon
Title: My Collection
Artist's Statement: "My friends and I like collecting little animals to hang on our backpacks and they make us super happy. We give them names and the little guys always remind me of them."

Jack HudsonArtist: Jack Hudson
Grade 11
Soft Pastel and Conté
Title: Dream
Artist's Statement: "I combined my passion for baseball with my art. I hope to play high-level baseball in my future."

Julia Smith hatArtist: Julia Smith
Grade 11
Title: Remembering Gord
Artist's Statement: "I chose to draw one of Gord Downie's iconic hats because I thought it would be fun to use all the colours to draw the feathers. The Tragically Hip are my favourite band, so naturally I chose something representative of them for a music related project."

Nathan Gonzales BCHSArtist: Nathan Gonzales
Grade 12
Title: Mechanical Marvel
Artist's Statement: "The Industrial Revolution enhanced the architectural industry because the materials available were improved, and there was growth in the ideas of the engineers and architects, which shows in the design and artistry of their projects and buildings."

Paige Robinson BCHSArtist: Paige Robinson
Grade 10
Title: Sunday in Umbria
Artist's Statement: "Although I have never been to Italy, I have always had the biggest love for it. I love the streets and the buildings and just the little things like Bistro chairs and ivy growing up the side of buildings. I really wanted to make people feel like they were walking down the street and looking at the buildings around them and feeling like they were there. Pencils are something I have always loved and feel really confident about. Pencil was the first medium I've ever used and I think this art piece really shows how much I've grown and improved."

SofiaFuscoBchsArtist: Sofia Fusco
Grade 10
Pencil Crayon
Title: The Golden City
Artist's Statement: "I want my viewer to be reminded that even though there are many places that are desirable, you still need to be wary of the dangers. 'The boat has sunk, now all alone, one of the denizens has come to welcome me.'"

Adam SteffesArtist: Adam Steffes
Grade 11
Soft Pastel and Conté
Title: Moon Landing
Artist's Statement: "Being able to make art while isolated is a great way to keep myself busy and entertained. I’m interested in space, so I chose this image as it is a very iconic photo."

RJSmithArtist: RJ Smith
Grade 12
Acrylic Paint
Title: Dancing with the Beatles
Artist's Statement: "This piece was inspired by the music that brings me joy, I listen to music everyday as a way to escape - it helps me imagine a happier world. When I listen to the Beatles I feel pulled in, which is what I wanted to convey in this piece. Paul is pulling us into the earbud, directly to the music."

Monico VulicArtist: Monaco Vulic
Grade 12
Coloured Pencil
Title: That's No Moon
Artist's Statement: "Not only a piece for my inspiring art class, but hopefully this humorous coloured pencil portrait conveys the mood we’re all too familiar with right now of ‘are you kidding me?!"

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