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Students explore art themes in Re/LAUNCH/ing, vol. 1

At noon on the last Thursday of each month, will be displaying an online gallery of art created by high school students.
RJ Smith
"Deep-Sea Dream" by RJ Smith; acrylic on canvas. Scroll down for more art by local students and to read RJ's thoughts on this piece.

Now that school is back in session, a new collaborative art project has been launched.

Re/LAUNCH/ing is aimed at hitting the same high notes that its predecessor with.draw.all did, but with the added emphasis on the intrinsic value of art to the artist.

At noon on the last Thursday of each month, will be displaying an online gallery of art created by high school students. This month's rendition features 12 creations from students at Paul Kane, Bellrose and St. Albert Catholic High.


Ava Currie 2020 BCHSArtist: Ava Currie
Art 10
Artist Statement: €œ"The comforts of the countryside landscape study. Memories of lazy summers at my grandparents'€™ house."


Camille BuenviajeArtist: Camille Buenviaje
Grade 12
Mixed Media
Title: Always You
Artist Statement: "My psychological self portrait is a three-year-old version of myself in which to reminisce on my childhood. The chaotic organization and missing pieces represents the forgotten memories."


Dax Ziesel 2020 BCHSArtist: Dax Ziesel
Art 31
Pencils, ranging from 2H, HB, 2B, 4B, 6B and 8B.
Title: "€œLacertil"
Artist Statement: "€œI am truly satisfied with the outcome of this drawing. Inspiration for my work derived from my interest in animals, namely large lizards like the iguana. My greatest struggle with this piece, which was steadily resolved, was knowing where to begin with the essential details. There are various ways to demonstrate the elements of shading, texture, and value with one pencil alone in a drawing, so I sat cluelessly pondering after the rough sketch. However, in the end, the project was a success and has exceeded my own expectations."


Halle CrottyArtist: Halle Crotty
Grade 10
Pencil Crayon
Title: Paint Blob
Artist Statement: "I created this realistic drawing of a blob of paint using pencil crayon techniques."


Hannah ChinnArtist: Hannah Chinn
Grade 11
Title: Chains and Gears
Artist Statement: "A still life close up of bike gears drawn in ballpoint pen."


JuliannaManansalaArt10Artist: Julianna Manansala
Art 10
Pigment Pen
Title: A miniature piece
Artist Statement: "A miniature drawing, focused on precision and details."


Justine La Riviere 2020 BCHSArtist: Justine La Riviere
Art 10
Artist Statement: "When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then we will realize we cannot eat money."


Kaitlyn CabralArtist: Kaitlyn Cabral
Grade 11
Title: Obstruction Ahead
Artist Statement: "Resilience, strength and fear. Inspired by the psychological study of the trolly problem. When faced with fear or a difficult decision, are we strong enough to follow our intuition and take action or will we tense up under the pressure and fright? Whichever decision is made, we must rise above and keep moving forward."


Lauryn TaylorArtist: Lauryn Taylor
Grade 10
Title: Keys of Comfort
Artist Statement: "Piano has been a part of my life ever since I can remember. When I did not know how to play, I would listen and sing along to my mom and sister. Sitting at the bench of my family's piano has a certain familiarity that is comforting and relaxing. My hands know where the keys are before I know myself."


Lily MalthouseArtist: Lily Malthouse
Grade 10
Title: Still Life
Artist Statement: "In my art piece, I used an arrangement of fruits as my reference to create a still life composition. I completed this with a simple art tool, a ballpoint pen, which made it possible to create both soft and intense shadows. For this piece, I focused most on value study and recreating a deeper contrast image."


RJ SmithArtist: RJ Smith
Grade 12
Acrylic on canvas
Title: Deep-Sea Dream
Artist Statement: "This piece is inspired by my dreams. I am always daydreaming. Sometimes even if you are talking right to me, my mind will be off in a fantasy making up stories and exploring different worlds. Some of the art I have created is inspired by my dreams. This particular piece comes from my knowledge that I might never experience the depths of the sea, I can dream up what it might feel and look like, but I will most likely never experience it first hand. Painting this dream was the best way to bring my vision to life. With guidance in class, I was able to improve my skills in painting perspectives, highlights and lowlights."


Shaelyn Emond 2020 BCHSArtist: Shaelyn Emond
Art 10
Pencils I used are 8B, 6B, 4B, 2B, HB, 2H and my Papermate mechanical pencil.
Title: "€œRoscoe, An Unforgettable Counterpart"
Artist Statement: "€œI told my friend, Elora about our nature-themed pencil project and she suggested I draw a car deep in a forest. I thought it would be too out of place for a vehicle in perfect condition to be out in the middle of nowhere. So considering the nature theme, I made it into an overgrown jeep. The reason I chose a jeep is because my favourite character from a show that has now ended drove this jeep, which had many issues with it, all throughout the show. He probably valued it so much because it was from his mother who passed away. The jeep was more than just a ride to get you places. It saved himself as well as his friends and family many times and was like a child to him."


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