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Hailey Danyluk, Tyson Kotowich show Elk Point 4-H champions

A week of much needed rain came to an end just in time for Elk Point 4-H Beef Club to hold their 2024 Achievement Day at Stoney Lake.

ELK POINT – A week of much needed rain came to an end just in time for Elk Point 4-H Beef Club to hold their 2024 Achievement Day at Stoney Lake, with families and supporters forming a solid ring around the show ring as members took their turn at judging and took part in the opening ceremonies.

The Female Show was first on the agenda, with three feisty calves into the ring to start the show before Shyanne Klatt and Hailey Danyluk proudly displayed their yearling heifers, placing first and second. Hailey was soon back with her two-year-old and her calf, placing first over Zack Germain with his cow-calf pair, and then returned with her three-year-old and calf, the only pair in that category. Both of Hailey’s cow-calf pairs joined Shyanne and her yearling for the parade of champions, with the two-year-old and her calf winning the Crestview Angus award as the Grand Champion Female and Shyanne’s heifer earning her the K-Cow Ranch reserve champion award.  All five of Hailey’s cattle were back in the ring as the lone entrants in the herd class. 

“This is great,” enthused judge Josie Pashulka. “They’re all winners out here, to have the passion to raise and train their females. Wherever you place, you’ve done a great job.  I know steers give you cash but there’s nothing I like better than talking to a young show person about their herd of female projects.”

Pashulka then judged showmanship and grooming for all three 4-H age groups and after making her decisions said, “This is one of the toughest I’ve ever judged, you’ve all done an exceptional job.”

In the Senior group, Cloey Germain placed first and Alysa Jean second in showmanship, Tyson Kotowich first and Ashley Lecopoy second in grooming. Shyanne Klatt placed first in Intermediate showmanship with Zack Germain second and Pashulka adding an honorable mention for Hailey Danyluk, Zack going on to place first in grooming, with Tristan Brousseau second. Junior member Hudson Brousseau placed first in both showmanship and grooming, with Gracie Nelson second in showmanship and Maverick Stark second in grooming. Showmanship awards came from Kotowich Evergreen Farms, while Banana Hill Farms sponsored Grooming.

Steers were split into three groups of various weights to start off the Conformation class, with Hailey Danyluk and Cloey Germain, Ashley Lecopoy and Zack Germain, Tyson Kotowich and Tristan Brousseau returning for the final round of judging. It was Tyson’s 1,626-pound steer that received the Grand Champion slap from Pashulka, with Zack’s 1,412-pound steer named the Reserve Champion. Family Ties Angus sponsored the Grand Championship award, with 3-Mile Angus sponsoring the Reserve Championship.

Then it was the dads’ turn in the ring for a fun class in showmanship, judged by former 4-H members Nicole Bristow, Lexi Wirsta and Brooke Kotowich, who chose Chad Stark, a new 4-H dad in his very first time in the show ring, as the top judge, with Barrett Germain second and former Elk Point 4-H member Peter Danyluk third from a field that also included Darryl Klatt, David Jean, Wade Poitras, Bradley Bunney and beef project leader Denis Kotowich.  Excel Eavestroughs sponsored this event.

One final award went to Tyson Kotowich, whose steer won the Rate of Gain award from Danyluk Farms with a gain of 3.81 pounds per day.

Judging awards wound up the program, with prizes from 65 Ag Services going to Senior members Ashley Lecopoy and Lexee Smith, Intermediate members Shyanne Klatt and Zack Germain and Junior members Hudson Brousseau and Gracie Nelson.

Elk Point 4-H Beef Club president Tyson Kotowich wound up the day with thanks to judge Josie Pashulka, mistress of ceremonies Shaylyn Klatt and ringmaster Luke Germain. Weigh masters for the show were Shane Smith and David Jean.

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