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Build Your Future with Tara’s Mortgage Company

SPONSORED CONTENT – When we think of getting or refinancing a mortgage, it’s easy to think, “Go to the bank.” However, mortgage brokers provide an alternative.

Brokers shop the market on behalf of their clients and have access to lenders and programs that you won’t find at the bank. This means greater choice and flexibility for you, the client, and no quotas or pressure pushing the broker to make a sale.

It was these advantages for her clients that attracted Tara Borle to being a broker. Her firm, Tara’s Mortgage Company, under the Mortgage Architect’s umbrella, helps clients buy a home, refinance, or renew with confidence.

“If you have a mortgage or are thinking of buying a home, we would love to chat with you and go over your options,” says Borle. “My team and I are here to help both first time buyers and those seeking to upsize, downsize, or buy a second home.”

She further explains the advantages of working with a broker, saying, “A key benefit of using a mortgage broker is the potential to secure lower mortgage rates. This is possible because most mortgage brokers receive volume discounts from their top lenders, which can translate into more favourable rates for you. Lower mortgage rates can result in significant savings over the lifespan of your mortgage. This is because you can pay down the interest much faster with a favourable rate.”

She continues, “Mortgage brokers also come with the added benefit of being tough negotiators! This negotiation skill can be particularly beneficial when dealing with lenders, potentially leading to more favorable loan terms and conditions. Let’s not overlook how mortgage brokers can save you both time and money. We can handle the legwork involved in finding and comparing mortgage deals, thereby saving you the time and effort of doing it yourself. We are also known for our fast credit and loan pre-approval processes, which can expedite your application.”

It’s important to remember that a mortgage broker gives you access to a wider pool of financing. Unlike banks that use their own pools of money for mortgages, mortgage brokers can access funds from various sources, including private mortgage lenders. This wider access can be especially helpful if you have unique financing needs that traditional banks may not be able to accommodate, such as a previous bankruptcy, less-than-ideal credit, or lack of credit history.

Using a mortgage broker offers multiple benefits. It's worth considering these advantages when deciding on your mortgage strategy, and it is certainly worth getting those advantages from Tara’s Mortgage Company.

“We pride ourselves on customer service” she smiles.

This is backed up by numerous testimonials from happy clients along with more than 200 five-star reviews on Facebook.

With International Women’s Month underway, what is her advice to other women entrepreneurs?

“Surround yourself with people that are successful, and you will become successful too!”

Whether you have questions about getting ready to have a mortgage, are looking at your first home, or are ready to buy a vacation home, talk to Tara’s Mortgage company. Tara Borle and her team look forward to helping your dreams of home ownership come true.

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