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Lest we not remember

Remembrance Day is over. The last of the Halloween treats have disappeared. Christmas is about to descend on us along with freezing rain and snow. Until next year then.

Campaign signs shouldn't decide election results

3 I am a proud citizen of St. Albert and have a concern regarding our last election.

Legion's stranglehold over poppy hurts freedom of expression

The first instance I know of the Royal Canadian Legion’s threats of legal gunnery over the poppy symbol was in 2005. A news website operator was displaying a red poppy online without Legion permission. You can read about the battle at www.

Mixed messages coming from city hall

If there’s one thing to take away from the election and the weeks leading up to it, it’s that city council has a communication problem on its hands.

Great American collapse leaves leadership gap

Many people I know, including family and friends, are busy predicting the collapse of the American empire, and taking no small delight when they prognosticate about this upcoming event.

Canada needs the UN less than before

Thwarted by China and India’s political ambitions and Africa’s avarice, Canada must reflect upon the message that was delivered by the United Nations (UN) last week.

Black's activities hit close to home

The revelation this week that a man by the name of Nathan Black was behind a blog seeking to lend support to keeping open Edmonton’s City Centre airport came as a shock to many in the Capital region.

Elect to elect the best for the job

Two more sleeps to go and then municipal election day will be upon us.

Tim Hortons is Canada's Tea Party

There’s been considerable discussion over the last month about the potential emergence of the Tea Party in Canada. Yet in the absence of a widely endorsed legislative entity, I think we’re missing the most obvious alternative.

Exercising brain power - a school trustee's dream

When I was in high school, social networking was in vogue. Only we called it the Friday after school sock hop. Today, it would seem that social networking consists of text messaging and Facebook. It’s a whole new world.