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Midnight Munchies? Here’s How to Satisfy Your Cannabis Cravings

Don’t start your next cannabis session without being prepared. From salty to sweet, here are the most trusted late-night snacks to satisfy your cannabis-induced hunger.
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Cannabis culture often has a steep learning curve. From methods of consumption to a never-ending strain list, many people are overwhelmed when they first start using cannabis.

One problem that has plagued beginners and vets alike is satisfying the munchies. They’ll strike without warning, and settling on the right food is almost impossible when you’ve got a good buzz.

We’ve got you covered with the ultimate midnight snacks for cannabis enthusiasts. From salty to sweet, you’ll cure late-night hunger like a pro with this list. And while everyone has a specific taste, keeping these items in your pantry will satisfy any craving that might arise.

Instant Gratification

Cooking after consuming Cannabis isn’t always desirable, and if you’ve been smoking an indica strain, you might not be able to do much more than walk to the kitchen. Stock up on these classics to always have some instant options at your disposal.


Perhaps the ultimate stoner food, cereal, literally checks all of the boxes. Instead of worrying about cooking or prepping, cereal will provide instant satisfaction to the less motivated. Keep multiple kinds and flavors around to satisfy specific cravings and ensure you’ve always got enough. Cold milk and sweet, crunchy bites are enough to tame any late-night case of the munchies!

Potato Chips

Another must-have for cannabis enthusiasts is a full selection of potato chips. Many people prefer salty snacks over sugary sweet treats for a midnight bite, and chips are as versatile as they are delicious. If you’re energetic after a smoke session, keep tortilla chips on hand to make nachos, salsa, or guacamole. Chips and dip have been a stoner staple for decades.

Ice Cream

There might not be a better combination on the planet than weed and ice cream. Freezing cold and delicious, you’ll find relief from cottonmouth and the munchies with a big bowl of ice cream. Adding toppings like candy or chocolate will make it all the sweeter, and it’s surprisingly fun to play with your food after a toke. Frozen yogurt or sherbet are healthier alternatives that are just as flavorful.


There might be more cookie recipes in the world than cannabis strains, and no matter what your preference is, you won’t find a better quick snack when the cravings come. Just make sure you’ve got some milk left after last night’s cereal feast.

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Some Effort Required

These options aren’t grab-and-go, but you won’t need to dirty a bunch of dishes, either. If you’re looking for something a little more filling, try whipping up these dishes when the hunger hits.


Who knew noodles could get you through college and a case of the munchies? Salty, filling, and flavorful, you won’t find a more convenient late-night snack than some ramen. And with more flavors than ever, you’ll have options to feed a crowd.

Melted Cheese

There are numerous ways to enjoy melted cheese as a late-night snack. Grilled cheese, a childhood classic, is surprisingly satisfying when you’re stoned. Quesadillas are also a clutch snack and can be customized to match any flavor profile. While it might seem like forever waiting for the cheese to melt, these snacks are definitely worth the wait.


It might sound boring, but sometimes there’s nothing like creating a giant sandwich to satisfy your hunger. Try new bread and experiment with ingredients to keep things fresh. From cold cuts and veggies to butter and jams, there isn’t a more versatile snack available. Bread can easily make you parched, so make sure you’ve got a beverage close by.

Preparation is critical when surviving a bout of late-night munchies. Make sure to keep your pantry stocked, and get familiar with nearby restaurants that deliver, just in case. With this guide and a solid shopping list, you’ll satisfy any craving that arises!

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