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Incorporating Cannabis Into Your Yoga or Meditation Practice

Yoga and meditation play a valuable role in mental and physical health and incorporating marijuana into your practice only enhances the benefits. Read our guide on how to include marijuana in your yoga or meditation routine to get started today.
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Marijuana adoption has exploded over recent years, almost as fast as the popularity of practicing yoga or meditation. With expanded access to cannabis products, you can more easily incorporate the beneficial qualities of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids into your daily routine.

Whether you meditate daily to reduce stress and anxiety or practice yoga for your overall health, you can elevate your sessions to new heights with marijuana. Below, we cover everything you need to know to start incorporating cannabis into your yoga or meditation routine.

Cannabis and Yoga

Yogis worldwide have been using cannabis for years to help them relax, improve their focus, and recover after sessions. Many users describe a “deeper” experience, quicker relaxation, and feeling more connected to their poses. All of the relaxing benefits of yoga you love can be enhanced by correctly integrating marijuana into your routine.

Cannabis and Meditation

Meditation is a critical practice to maintain not just mental health but physical health, as well. Including marijuana in your meditation routine is an easy way to get your mind in the right place and put daily stresses behind you for a while. Here are a few tips on how to successfully incorporate cannabis into your daily yoga or meditation schedule.

Find the Right Strain

Everyone has a favorite strain or two, but picking one with specific benefits for yoga is your best bet. Sativa strains are favored for more intense sessions, providing an energy boost and laser focus for finally pulling off that impossible move. Try Super Lemon Haze or Guava strains for a good sativa experience. Indicas, like Hindu Kush or Northern Lights, are recommended for more tranquil practices like Sivananda or recovery afterward.

There’s a lot of argument about the best type of marijuana for meditating. Many sativa strains create the perfect “head high,” but the uplifting effects can make it challenging to slow down. Indica will relax the body faster, which can be a struggle for many, but the strong sedative effects of some strains can turn a short meditation into a long nap. Experiment with different kinds and use moderation for the right balance. Blue Dream, GSC, and Lambs Bread are some of the most highly-rated strains for use during meditation.

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Watch Your Dosage

Everyone has a different tolerance, but moderation is vital when mixing cannabis and yoga. The idea is to heighten your senses and awareness, not dull them. Ensure you’re feeling the desired effects, but avoid total impairment to maintain complete control of your muscles. A little bit can go a long way to making your session more enjoyable.

Much like yoga, intake will be essential to keep an eye on when using marijuana with meditation. If you’re using edibles, you’ll want to time your meditation session for the onset of the effects. This can vary widely depending on the person but usually takes at least an hour. Vape products and flower have instantaneous results and will put you in the right headspace immediately - but you’ll want to limit yourself to just a toke or two to maintain mindfulness.

Cannabis for Recovery

Integrating cannabis into your recovery time can also be very beneficial. Indica strains, in particular, can help dramatically with pain relief and inflammation. Strains with higher CBD content are extremely valuable for muscle recovery. Try out different CBD topicals for targeted pain relief.

The mental and physical health benefits of yoga and meditation are clear, and making marijuana a part of your regimen will only enhance these advantages. All three are known to be great ways to reduce stress and anxiety, making the pairing a natural fit. From using CBD products for post-yoga muscle relief to a quick toke before a head-clearing meditation, cannabis could be the key to increase your mindfulness in 2021.

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