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Here’s How Cannabis Helps You Sleep and How to Get The Most Out of Your Nightly Dose

Cannabis has long been considered a good sleep aid, but research and information for users aren’t widely available. Here's everything you need to know about how to incorporate cannabis into your nightly routine and finally get some restful sleep.
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Natural sleep aids have exploded in popularity recently, and none quite as much as cannabis.  Cannabis is commonly used to aid sleep, but many people don’t know how to use it correctly with little information available on the topic.

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to incorporate cannabis into your nightly routine successfully. From strains to consumption methods, you can get more restful sleep with just a little practice.

Know Your Tolerance

If you’re entirely new to the world of weed, you should do a little experimentation before exclusively relying on it to put you to sleep. Try consuming a small amount a few hours before bed and comparing and contrasting how you feel on different strains. As you start to become familiar with how it makes you feel, you’ll be able to narrow down what’s best for use in the evening.

Starting slow and limiting consumption to just once a day helps keep your tolerance low and increases the effects you’ll experience. As your tolerance builds, you can increase potency and consumption to reach your desired results.

Learn About Strains

While Cannabis strains will affect everyone differently, sticking to indica strains is typically your best bet for nighttime use. This shouldn’t be the only factor, however, as many hybrids have strong sedative effects. Be sure to check common side effects for strains from sites like Leafly to find the perfect one to help you sleep.

Other factors like the THC/CBD ratio will also play an essential role in how you’ll feel after consumption. Try experimenting with different strains to find the right combination for you.

Give It Time

Over-consumption can often give you an unwanted boost of energy. It’s important to dose in moderation until you’re familiar with how cannabis impacts you. Make sure to give each dose plenty of time to kick in, and only consume more after you’re sure you need it. While smoking and vaping should provide near-instant results, you might not feel anything for a couple of hours after ingesting edibles. If you wake up in the middle of the night, avoid dosing again, as it often has the opposite effect.

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Methods of Consumption

Because of the long onset time of edibles, they’re less than ideal for use as a sleep aid. Most users find flower and extracts to be the best at getting you to sleep faster, but other options exist if inhaling isn’t your thing. Products like Kin Slips can help you drift off with just a slip under the tongue. Experiment with different options and consult with your local budtender for recommended products that could aid with sleep.

Other Natural Products

Adding cannabis to your natural sleep aid arsenal can really help you fall asleep fast, too. Try pairing cannabis with classic sleep aids like melatonin or lavender for maximum results. These products often contain the same terpenes found in cannabis strains, and they’ll work in harmony to put you to sleep quickly. Try taking a few tokes with your next chamomile tea or valerian root supplement for a great night's sleep.

Be Prepared

Some nightly users of cannabis have experienced some downsides from using it as a sleep aid. Some research has shown that using cannabis limits time in REM and significantly reduces dreaming. Cannabis use at night can also make you feel a bit foggy the following day. Keeping consumption to a minimum is the best way to get better sleep and feel good the next day.

No matter what sleeping issues you have, incorporating cannabis into your nightly routine could be the answer. Many strains are notorious for their sedative-like effects, and a quick session before bed could be all you’re missing for that perfect night of sleep. Use this guide and experiment with strains to see if cannabis is the right sleep aid for you. And as always, check with your doctor before starting anything new.

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