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St. Albert and District Chamber of Commerce Presents Derek Bruno

The seminars are scheduled for March 1st, April 5th, and May 3rd, and will be held at the St. Albert Inn & Suites from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm.

The St. Albert & District Chamber of Commerce is proud to present a series of seminars led by Derek Bruno, a distinguished speaker from the Samson Cree Nation in Alberta. The seminars are scheduled for March 1st, April 5th, and May 3rd, and will be held at the St. Albert Inn & Suites from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm.

Bruno brings a wealth of experience and passion to his role as a speaker. Having served two terms as a Councillor for his Nation, he has gained invaluable firsthand experience in Indigenous relations. His academic achievements include a master’s degree in business administration from Cape Breton University. As the founder and managing partner of SevGen Consulting, Bruno promotes seven-generation thinking, highlighting the importance of long-term sustainability in all endeavors.

Bruno's work is nationally recognized, and he serves as an entrepreneur, instructor, speaker, author, mentor, and facilitator. His approach supports businesses and governments at all levels to address the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action and adhere to the principles of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP).

The seminars are designed to benefit a diverse audience. Whether you're a business leader, entrepreneur, government official, educator, or simply someone interested in learning more about Indigenous relations and their intersection with business, governance, and community development, these seminars offer a valuable opportunity to broaden your understanding and perspective.

Participants can expect to gain insights into reconciliation, Indigenous rights, and community engagement. The sessions will provide practical knowledge and inspiration for those looking to foster a more inclusive, respectful, and collaborative future.

The importance of these seminars lies in the power of education and understanding. In recent years, the need for reconciliation and improved Indigenous relations has become increasingly apparent. However, bridging the gap between Indigenous communities and the broader business world requires more than just good intentions. It requires a deep understanding of Indigenous rights, cultures, histories, and current issues. By attending these seminars, participants will gain insights into these critical areas. They will learn about the principles of reconciliation, which include acknowledging past injustices and working towards creating a fair and equitable future. Understanding Indigenous rights is also crucial, as it forms the basis for respectful engagement and cooperation. Participants will also learn how to engage with Indigenous communities in ways that are respectful, meaningful, and beneficial for all parties involved. This includes understanding the importance of consultation, collaboration, and consent.

Whether you're a business leader looking to build partnerships with Indigenous communities, a government official tasked with implementing policies related to Indigenous affairs, or an educator wanting to incorporate Indigenous perspectives into your curriculum, these seminars will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need.

Those interested in attending one, two, or all three of Derek Bruno’s seminars can register via the provided link: Embracing Change in Indigenous Engagement

The St. Albert & District Chamber of Commerce is committed to fostering understanding and collaboration between Indigenous communities and the broader business world. These seminars with Derek Bruno are a testament to this commitment, offering a platform for learning, dialogue, and action that respects and honors Indigenous communities and their rights.

Join us as we explore and embrace change in Indigenous engagement, and work towards a future of shared prosperity and mutual respect.

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