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A properly fitted bra reduces back strain and shoulder pain

Up to 80% of women may be wearing a bra that is too large or too small for them.

Many women have heard they are wearing an ill-fitting bra, but according to a study in the Chiropractic & Osteopathic Journal from 2008, up to 80% of women may be wearing a bra that is too large or too small for them.

Having a properly fitting bra, in both band and cup, reduces back and shoulder pain, increases confidence and reduces daily discomfort.

While some bras may not be causing pain, they may be visually ill-fitting, with cups too small, straps falling off or bands that have lost their lift and support.  A bra is the foundational garment underneath clothing and a good fit really helps to make women feel good from the inside out.

Women are often so busy taking care of family, friends and community that it can be a worthwhile act of gentle self-care to find a good fitting bra.

Sometimes we need to look at what it isn’t: breast tissue shouldn’t be spilling out of the bra cups, the band shouldn’t be riding high on the back (a sign the bra is too large) and the wires or straps shouldn’t be digging into flesh.

A great fitting bra has a snug band, not too loose or too tight, to ensure proper support and lift.

Many people think the lift comes from the straps, but the band should be doing all the heavy lifting – a concept aptly demonstrated with strapless bras that must have a very tight fitting band to ensure great support after hours on the dance floor.

The cups should encapsulate the breast, with tissue fitting inside them and not bulging out the sides, top or bottom.  And straps should be snug but neither too tight nor too loose so they aren’t digging into shoulders.

Receiving a bra fitting annually or biannually, because weight and body shape can fluctuate seasonally, will ensure you find a bra that will lift and support the breast while still remaining comfortable and cozy.

Midnight Magic Lingerie Storefront

At Midnight Magic Lingerie, no appointment is necessary for a complimentary bra fitting and the bra fitter will measure to find the correct size, while using their extensive experience and knowledge to determine which styles and brands will work best and what the individual differences between each bra might be.

Measurements are typically taken at the ribcage, above the breast and at the fullest part of the breast.  Some fitters use their eyes and many years of experience, while others use a quick calculation on the measuring tape.  Customers might peruse the stock themselves to find styles they like, though typically the fitter will do the legwork and bring sizes and styles as the customer requests.

Bra style will also change what size a bra needs to be. For sports bras, a secure and snug fit is crucial to reducing bounce and back pain, so fitters will often need to go up or down in band and cup sizes.

Strapless bras need to be a very tight band to ensure good support and lift for a specific dress and event.  Different styles of bra, such as balcony, full cup, plunge, wireless or convertible will fit bodies differently, so having a great in-person fitting is essential.

In case you can’t make it into a store, use this handy guide from Midnight Magic Lingerie to measure yourself if you’re ordering online.

Once you’ve found the right bra, you will want to take good care of them. Handwashing is recommended, but the bras can also be put in a lingerie bag in the washing machine on delicate cycle.  A gentle soap will ensure harmful oils are removed while allowing the bra’s elastic quality to bounce back.  After washing, always lay flat to dry or hang from both straps.

Never put a bra or similar piece of lingerie into the dryer – the heat will ruin the elastic fibres of the bra.  Also make sure not to wear the bra more than twice between washes – wearing too often allows natural body oils to break down the elastane in the bra and it won’t last as long.

Having several bras in your drawer allows you to go longer between washing days and keeps variety and spice in your life!

The semi-annual Customer Appreciation sale at Midnight Magic Lingerie is coming up soon and the entire store will be at minimum 20% off with many in-store specials up to 50% off regular price.

Every item in-store, from nursing and wireless bras to sports and plus-size full coverage bras will be in store. This also includes popular brands like Prima Donna, Hanky Panky, SAXX, Empreinte, MyPakage and more.  Additionally all pocketed bras and lingerie as well as post-operative vests and front-closure bras will be on sale.  Midnight Magic also carries shapewear, sleepwear, cup size swimwear, men’s underwear, lingerie, bra accessories, scarves and many other items.

Visit the Midnight Magic Lingerie website for more details, call 780-459-5656 or visit the store at 228-10 McKenney Avenue in St. Albert, Alberta and the corner of St. Albert Trail and McKenney Avenue.

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