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Five Tips for Working from Your RV

Transition your work-from-home job into work-from-RV.
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Technology and an RV can transform the career of digital nomads and those who's job functions allow for a remote office.

These days, many people and employers have embraced the work-from-home culture. But what if home was your RV? Imagine travelling full-time while still working? For those who love the RV life and aren’t ready to retire, this is the best of both worlds.

Working on the road requires some planning, but it is definitely doable. Keep in mind these five tips that will help working and travelling go as smoothly as possible.

WiFi is a necessity

For most jobs, internet accessibility is the most important element in working from your RV. Plan your travels to include only campgrounds that have included WiFi, otherwise your cellphone data usage will get out of hand.

If you do find yourself without WiFi, you can usually connect at a local library or café that offers WiFi access, but it is not a good long-term solution.

Give yourself time and space

Living and working in your RV requires good time management skills. Though it might feel as though you are on holidays, you aren’t! Make sure you give yourself enough time to get your work done while still enjoying the camping experience. That means that you might want to spend more time in each location than you normally would if you were just on a traditional holiday road trip.

Working at a picnic table or in a camping chair is not going to be a good long-term work solution. Find a corner of your RV where you can have a good office chair and at least a small desk space. You may also want to designate a drawer or shelf to be used only for work-related items.

Be transparent

It is important to be upfront with your employer and let them know that you will be working from your RV. Explain your setup, how you will stay connected, and what your workday will look like. In most cases, your workday will not be much different than someone who is working from their home office.

Work hard

Don’t forget that you are working and not on a holiday. Working hard and staying connected will be even more impressive to your employer if you are doing it all while enjoying the RV life.

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Having the freedom to work remotely in an RV let's you choose the view from your office window.

Try not to travel on workdays

Working and travelling at the same time can be tricky, if not impossible. Even if you aren’t the one driving, you will want to enjoy the scenery and not be overly stressed out trying to finish a project and set up camp at the same time.

Overall, working while camping is possible for most remote jobs. Embrace a new lifestyle and try it out for yourself. Who knows, you might discover that you are even more productive when surrounded by the peace and beauty of nature!

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