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7 Simple & Creative DIY Camping Gear Ideas for Outdoor Enthusiasts

One of the best parts about camping is doing things with your own two hands. If you’re ready to embrace the do-it-yourself attitude, these DIY hacks are for you.
Man igniting camp fire using homemade firs starters

Camping is all about embracing nature and immersing yourself in the great outdoors. While there's a wide array of camping gear available in stores, there's something uniquely satisfying about crafting your own camping essentials. Get ready to unleash your inner creativity and elevate your camping experience with these seven DIY camping gear ideas. From a Hula Hoop Outdoor Shower to DIY Camp Stove and Fire Starters, these projects will not only save you money but also add a personal touch to your outdoor adventures.

Hula Hoop Outdoor Shower

A Hula Hoop outdoor shower is a brilliant way to stay fresh and clean during camping trips. To create this refreshing camping essential, you'll need a hula hoop, a tarp or shower curtain, a showerhead with a hose, and a sturdy tree branch or pole to hang the shower from. First, attach the showerhead to the hula hoop using zip ties or strong cords. Then, create a private shower space by draping the tarp or curtain around the hoop. Secure the showerhead hose to a nearby tree branch or pole to allow the water to flow freely. Fill a bucket or water container with water, and using a solar shower bag or gravity shower system, elevate it to create enough pressure for a steady stream of water. Now you have a portable and practical outdoor shower to enjoy the ultimate camping luxury.

DIY Camp Stove

Building your own DIY camp stove is easier than you might think. One popular option is the "Penny Stove," a lightweight and efficient stove that runs on alcohol. To make it, gather two aluminum soda cans, a thumbtack, a pushpin, a marker, and denatured alcohol. Start by cutting the bottom of one can and the top of the other, creating a stove body and a stove base. Use the pushpin to create small holes around the stove body about 1 centimetre from the bottom. Make a row of larger holes above the smaller holes using the thumbtack. Next, fill the stove body with denatured alcohol and place the stove base upside down inside the body. Light the stove through the holes on the side and let it warm up for a minute. The Penny Stove will provide a steady and controlled flame, perfect for boiling water and cooking meals during your camping adventures.

Fire Starters

Starting a campfire can be made easier with DIY fire starters. One simple and effective option is to create fire starters using cotton pads or balls dipped in melted wax. To make them, melt candle wax in a double boiler or a tin can placed in a pot of hot water. Dip the cotton pads or balls into the melted wax until they are fully coated. Remove them from the wax, and let them cool and harden on a sheet of wax paper. Store the fire starters in a waterproof container, and use them to ignite your campfire by placing them under the kindling and lighting them with a match or a lighter. Another option is to use lint from your dryer and stuff it into empty toilet paper rolls. Pour melted wax over the lint, and once it solidifies, you have easy-to-use fire starters.

DIY Camp Laundry Machine

Staying fresh and clean during extended camping trips can be a challenge. Create your own DIY camp laundry machine to tackle this issue. All you need is a 5-gallon bucket with a lid, a plunger, and a laundry bag. Punch several holes in the plunger to allow water flow. Place your dirty clothes inside the laundry bag and fill the bucket with water and a small amount of biodegradable detergent. Put the plunger on top of the clothes, secure the lid, and start plunging. The agitating action of the plunger will clean your clothes effectively. Rinse the clothes in clean water, and you've got yourself a handy laundry machine that will keep your clothes fresh during your camping adventures.

Plastic Bottle Mosquito Trap

Mosquitoes can be a nuisance during camping trips. Create your own Plastic Bottle Mosquito Trap to keep the pesky bugs away from your campsite. To make it, cut the top off a plastic bottle and invert it into the bottom half to create a funnel. Secure the pieces together with tape or glue. Mix water, brown sugar, and yeast in a separate container and pour it into the bottom half of the bottle. The mixture will produce carbon dioxide, which attracts mosquitoes. Place the trap a few meters away from your camping area, and let it work its magic. The mosquitoes will be lured into the trap and unable to escape, leaving you to enjoy a mosquito-free camping experience.

Homemade No Rinse Body Wipes

Staying fresh and clean on camping trips becomes more manageable with Homemade no rinse body wipes. To make them, combine aloe vera gel, witch hazel, and a few drops of essential oils in a bowl. Soak soft cloth or paper towels in the mixture until they are fully saturated. Store the wipes in a resealable bag or container. When you need to freshen up, grab a wipe and use it to cleanse your body. The aloe vera and witch hazel will soothe your skin, and the essential oils will leave you feeling refreshed. These body wipes are an excellent alternative when water for washing isn't readily available during your outdoor adventures.

Campsite Comfort with DIY Seating Cushions

Make your camping experience more comfortable by creating DIY seating cushions for your campsite. Gather foam pads or camping mattresses and fabric of your choice. Measure and cut the foam pads to your desired cushion size, allowing some extra for folding and wrapping. Lay the fabric flat and place the foam pad in the center. Fold the fabric around the pad, securing it on the backside with safety pins or adhesive velcro strips. Alternatively, use a sewing machine to create a simple cover. These DIY seating cushions will provide extra padding and support for your camp chairs or logs, ensuring you stay cozy around the campfire.

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