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LETTER: Thank you to the person who returned my purse

"The fine example you set of being honest, sincere, caring, kind and thoughtful really shows who you are."

On Sept. 2, I had gone shopping to Shoppers Drug Mart by East Side Mario's. I am a senior with poor walking mobility; thus I walk with a walker, and periodically I have to stop and rest.

On my way back, I had to stop by the Sturgeon Hospital grass grounds area. With bags of items in my walker basket, I placed my purse on the grass by the walker. I rested and as I was to begin walking home – glanced both directions – no one in sight. Just as I got up, suddenly a gentleman drove by with a bike. He scared me and I lost my thinking, forgetting my purse. I came home, still not aware my purse was not with me.

A friend called me and then my second line buzzed, so I asked my friend to wait as I needed to answer this call. It was from the RCMP St. Albert Detachment, to let me know that someone had turned in my purse. My kind neighbour drove me to the station and I got my purse – with all being intact.

I wish to express my sincere appreciation and give a 'Thank You' for your quick thinking and taking time to deliver the purse to the RCMP station.

I do not know if it is you that drove by with the bike, or was it someone else, but I do wish to give you a compliment and say you have a very "rich quality character" and you have sent a message with goodness all around. The fine example you set of being honest, sincere, caring, kind and thoughtful really shows who you are. Mainly, kind sir, you have completely saved my day from getting to be strained by stress, mentally, emotionally and again having to deal with a traumatic moment in my life. A year ago, I had a bad experience and this incident, if it got in the wrong hands, would have toppled it all for me.

Thank you for your quick thinking and bringing about reassurance and confidence that there are many fine, warm, gifted persons such as yourself, who care of another human being – and would not take advantage of them. May you be blessed with good health, and kindness returned to you by the bushel. God's Blessing for Safety and Protection.

Mary Cienkowski, St. Albert

P.S. A thank-you is in order to the dedicated officer (constable) from the detachment for his attention in this matter; and further – extending a thank you to all the drivers who stop for me to cross main streets. Many good people around – be safe, and may you be protected from harm always.