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LETTER: Speed limit reduction another waste of taxpayer money

"This is another perfect example of why democracy is failing us"

Brian Low's letter in the March 17 edition of the Gazette has hit the nail squarely on the head by saying the only thing the city has in mind is to fill their coffers with their new speed zones and by using more photo radar. Prior to the results of the vote, I wrote a letter to the Gazette (not published), saying this questionnaire seeking input was probably a waste of time and council had already declared it a "fait accompli' regardless of input from the citizens of St. Albert. 

This is another perfect example of why democracy is failing us – this for the second time, with the same input regarding the library. In addition, I would like to have seen evidence to justify such a costly move – it will certainly keep maintenance staff busy along with creation and installation of new speed signs. Another waste of taxpayers' money. I cannot recall the last time a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle in St. Albert and I would suspect most of the accidents in the city are at intersections. At least that is what I read in the Gazette.

As for those who speed through residential areas, one cannot justify their actions, however, council has seen fit to brand us all idiots with the same brush. One cannot regulate stupidity and this czar-like approach befits those who think big brother knows best. I find that this is becoming more and more the political approach used by those in power.

A. I. Smith, St. Albert

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