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LETTER: Miracles

"I believe in miracles, I see them happen every day"

I believe in miracles, I see them happen every day
Things we take for granted, in a scientific way
But the ones I give extra thought, defy the laws of science
Without reasonable explanation, must surely have some guidance

Why does hope still exist, when you think all hope is gone
And fish that swim so freely; willingly suffer just to spawn
Why some things kill another, when they get too close
And sickness that comes to haunt us makes us feel so gross

Some things only last a minute and others last so long
Such beauty for just a minute, seems so very wrong
How can love for one another vary so very much
Some have a strong attachment; some never keep in touch

How can all things be so different, no two things the same
When trying to find the logic, science just comes up lame
There is mystery in all miracles and in how it all began
And with everything so perfect, who holds the master plan

Don Hamaliuk, St. Albert


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