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LETTER: Let the pickleball players play


The article in the Feb. 15 edition of the Gazette regarding the pickleball complaints left me with many questions. I have never played pickleball, and have not spent time around the Akins Courts. It is my understanding though, that pickleball is played mainly by seniors. What are they doing to cause such a "racket"? Pun intended! Do they have music blaring, foul language spewing from their mouths, with clandestine drug deals being made behind the courts? Are they playing in the middle of the night, keeping neighbours awake? How can we allow our seniors to be involved in such activity and causing so much fuss that TWO residents have complained?

City council needs to be responsible with spending, even if the $98,000 comes from provincial grants. I would assume that the costs of putting up and taking down the buffer wall annually would be at the cost of the city. City council should not entertain this waste of money. Let the pickleballers play – without a wall!

C.J. Hamilton, St. Albert