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LETTER: Give me hope

"Let it be contagious and affect every single soul"

Give me Hope for breakfast and then again for lunch
Let it rule my life, let it have some extra punch
Let me preach it to my family and to all my friends
Let us ask for it in words, from all our writer’s pens

Let it come from all our knowledge, deep within our mind
Then for all distracting opposition, let us all be blind
Let us look into the future and have hope for what may come
Like love and understanding, for each and everyone

Let us hope for acceptance, in the way we think and do
And then equal opportunity, for all that we pursue
Let us all be leaders and then followers when we must
And have reasonable expectations, for all those things we lust

Let us all pray together, for the future of mankind
In every single language, for our hope to be aligned
And for every generation after, let hope be their goal

Don Hamaliuk, St. Albert


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