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LETTER: Fair warning

"I’m going to be an organ donor; I’ve signed my card today"

I’m going to be an organ donor; I’ve signed my card today

What’s left will go to research, at the U of A

My family knows about this, I’ve told them several times

But I feel the need to detail it, all set out in rhymes


Take my eyes they will be useful, it’s amazing what they’ve seen

There’s beauty in this world, over fifty shades of green

My brain has power to reason, and I’m sure it’ll do just that

When issues are important, it can really chew the fat


My heart is strong and steady and kind as kind can be

Been broken once or twice, but now it’s filled with glee

My skin’s a little wrinkled and will protect you from the sun

Some have called it thick, but I’ve ignored them one by one


My ears have been selective, in what they chose to hear

Filtering most everything obnoxious, or messages of fear

But the pleasure they’ve created from the music in the air

Blues and rock and country, has saved me from despair


My hair is uncooperative and has gotten thin and gray

It’ll last another lifetime, if you comb it the right way

My teeth will keep you smiling, a million dollar grin

The money I put into them, seems like such a sin


My stomach’s been amazing; it has that gentle touch

Efficient and effective, not over hanging much

My blood is working overtime; I’ve donated many times

It carries all the good stuff, the plasma and enzymes


My legs will take you places you’ve never been before

You need to be prepared for what they’ve got in store

My arms are ready, willing and able, to carry out a task

And will hold someone so lovingly, whomever you may ask


My muscles always ready, when I put them through the test

Just put them on and let them go; they will know what’s best

My nose has been in trouble, be careful where it goes

Because how that trouble finds it, heaven only knows


My mouth will give you pleasure, it’s got a funny grin

At times it starts to work, before the mind kicks in

You can also take my ego, if you’ve got the guts

It’s been in and out of conflict and may just drive you nuts


So if you are a recipient, of the parts I mentioned here

I’ve given you fair warning and tried to make it clear

My body has worked well, and been so good to me

How it does for someone else, you’ll just have to wait and see.


Don Hamaliuk, St. Albert


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