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LETTER: Disappointed that Allred's column was printed


Ken Allred's column (St. Albert Gazette, Jan. 29, 2020) re: the subject line is factually incorrect in every aspect. It needs to be addressed. Regarding the downing of the commercial flight UA 752 in Iran ... It was a scheduled flight. It had an electronic identification transponder. It was on a normal runway exit flight path. The Iranians fired not only one but two missiles at it killing all passengers and crew on board. Trump did not fire the missiles. The Iranians admitted their responsibility. Saying it was Trump’s fault is like saying a car manufacturer was at fault for the death of a person killed by a car of theirs that was in perfect condition. Trump used one drone to kill the head of an organization that Canada, the U.S. and other countries have deemed to be a terrorist organization. Have you forgotten 911?

Ken states that Trump is a danger to world peace. Explain to me, Ken, what he was attempting to achieve in having North Korea abandon its nuclear program? Trump pulled his troops home after defeating ISIS rather than leaving them in Syria. Aren’t these movements toward peace?

You state that Trump causes diversions any time negativity comes his way. Ken, this is nothing in comparison to what the mainstream media and the Democrats do whenever he has success. They are pros at diversion. The people watching the mainstream media are mostly in the dark about the good he is doing. Do your research. I can talk to you about it if you’ll listen. I’d also be able to discuss with you the two political coup d’états which the Democrats have attempted as well as their attempts at neutering this and future presidents and incapacitating the Senate. Ken, do you not think Pelosi’s ripping up of the President’s excellent SOTU speech was a diversionary tactic as well as a statement of her hatred toward the betterment of the American people?

About being the world’s policeman, Trump does not want that mantle for the U.S. He has said that many times. See also his statement in the SOTU speech. Research it.

Finally Ken, in this time of great divide between people in this country, the U.S. and many other countries, the last thing we need is more inflammatory, incendiary and irresponsible words such as you wrote in your column. I won’t repeat them. You are inciting people, which leads to violence, which causes people to get hurt. Many people don’t truly know what is happening in politics in the States at the present time and are easily swayed by words such as you wrote as well as those of the mainstream media and the poor lost souls in Hollywood who are cursing and screaming with their hair on fire as if they are behind the gates of Hell. Maybe they are. Ken, I am very disappointed in you and in the Gazette for printing such a vile, contemptuous and erroneous column. In future columns, please check your facts as you have lost a great deal of credibility.

Remember Ken, the U.S. is our neighbour and greatest trading partner. Also know that every one of us is flawed and broken in many ways. Everyone, including you, me and Trump. We are taught to love our neighbour. This is as good a time as any to start.

I have sent a copy of your column to the White House – perhaps they’ll be so kind as to respond to you with a list of what Trump has accomplished, but they’re probably too busy enlightening those who have been misled by the mainstream media and the Democrats in the U.S.

Don Diack, St. Albert


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