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LETTER: Commentaries spreading fake news


I have to call "Fake News" on two columnists who wrote last month in the St. Albert Gazette.

First, Roger Jackson states, "We must be fairly good at birth control as overall world population is in slow decline". The rate of growth is declining, but the world population is growing at an estimated rate of 1.05 per cent. That represents an increase of nearly 82 million people each year.

Chris Nelson reports an increase through 2019 of 16,200 jobs in health care and social assistance plus a further 8,900 in education. In every site checked, jobs have been cut in both sectors. It is difficult to imagine how jobs could be added to that degree without additional funding and funding has not increased.

How much longer do we have to endure the columns from these dinosaurs, otherwise known as "long-time journalists"?

R. Lewis, St. Albert