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LETTER: Climate change deserves a proper look by qualified scientists


I must give writer Cecil Chabot credit. He almost convinced me that he was serious in his climate change letter of Feb. 29 in the St. Albert Gazette. I wondered if it was April 1.

Climate change deniers have been around for decades and perhaps the most prolific was at a university in Manitoba. Some are serious and some are just having fun.

However, it is a serious issue and deserves a proper look by qualified scientists. My post-grad degree is related to climate change, and so I claim some qualification to speak on the subject. I have also been appointed as a Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society. Perhaps Mr. Chabot would email me and we could meet for coffee and share our views.

I have studied this subject on the west coast (B.C. and Oregon), and in the Canadian Arctic. The Inuit believe that the climate is changing and affecting their livelihoods. Any examination of the subject must be related to the period in question. If one is speaking about centuries, the conversation is different from a discussion of the events of recent years. Please don't cite temperature changes that might have occurred over centuries, if the conversation is about current conditions and trends.

Another possibility that I cannot promise is that he could address a meeting of the local environment group Big Lake Environment Support Society (BLESS). The BLESS Board includes several qualified engineers and scientists. I can put him in touch with BLESS if he wishes.

Robert K. Lane, St. Albert