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LETTER: Behaviour toward Coun. Hughes is unbecoming of our community

"I commend Councillor Hughes for stepping up to work for the citizens of this community."

In response to the action from Mr. Horne filing a complaint against Councillor Sheena Hughes, I am sickened by the constant attacks on people these days. I have never met S. Hughes personally, but the attacks in the past years were disturbing. I'm glad there has been a change in mindset as the Mayor noted. This behaviour is unbecoming of the community. I commend Councillor Hughes for stepping up to work for the citizens of this community. We are known as a green community and have a rainbow downtown for inclusiveness but what we don't have is compassion. I don't think that this trip to Mexico or anyone else in St. Albert who took a legal trip and then quarantined is going to put me at greater risk (we have a daughter that has had three open heart surgeries and a doctor in the family that is managing a COVID ward, we are close to the issue).

I don't know who named Mr. Horne the Pontius Pilate for St. Albert (the judge and jury). The constant attacks I hear all day on the radio talk shows on 630, on CBC and CTV national are great for ratings but destructive to the community and nation. This falls in line with Trump's actions. My elderly mother summed it up very well and I quote: "Canada has fallen." I suggest this community have surgery and get a bone of compassion installed.

Mr. Horne, I suggest you start by withdrawing this complaint so the city can focus on work for the good of the community.

Richard Pysyk, St. Albert