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LETTER: An open letter to politicians and the media on COVID-19

"Why is there so much fearmongering on the news and in the media?"
Let us examine the numbers.

As of April 2020, the population of Canada is almost at 38 million people, around 37,742,154 people. A total of 9,092 people across Canada had died apparently with COVID-19 as of Aug. 26. Many of them also had other medical conditions. The majority were seniors in long-term care nursing homes with other medical conditions. If you divide 9,092 people into almost 38 million people, it equals 0.02408978, which is not even near 1% of the total population.

The population of Alberta was 4,428,247 as of April 1, 2020, almost four and a half million people. Total deaths for people with COVID in this province is 235 people. Do the MATH. 0.00550684 which is even less then the national average. The average age of those who died in Alberta is 83 years old!

According to Statistics Canada, we should also be concerned about the nearly 80,000 people who died from cancer in 2018, with one of the main causes being smoking. The sooner you quit, the sooner the risk you’ll die early drops, research shows.

In 2018, more than 53,000 Canadians died from heart disease, according to Statistics Canada. It is the second leading cause of death, and 12 Canadian adults who have been diagnosed with heart disease die every hour.

Oh, and let us not forget the 100,000 abortions we are forced to pay for every year which systematically terminates the lives of over 100,000 children before birth every year across our nation.

Across Canada, seasonal influenza and pneumonia killed 8,511 people according to the 2018 Statistics Canada figures.

However, the vast majority of people who get COVID-19 totally recover. In Alberta, there are only currently 1,134 active cases, but over 11,714 people have recovered to date. So why on earth are mayors, politicians and stores now forcing us to purchase and wear masks? Why is there so much fearmongering on the news and in the media? There have been many videos published by medical doctors, scientists and researchers with lots of epidemiological and influenza experience sharing their research and information that there is a huge conflict of interest with the CDC, Fauci, Gates and others who are making billions of dollars in vaccines, the COVID-19 patent, etc.

Why aren’t we hearing about the importance of keeping one’s immune system strong with vitamins and good health? Since over 75 per cent of all the deaths from COVID-19 in Alberta etc. is with seniors in long-term nursing homes with other conditions, shouldn’t we be focusing on protecting the most vulnerable? It is sickening that our governments have shut down so many businesses, and as a result thousands of people are out of jobs.

Healthy people need not be forced to wear masks, which are not sufficient to stop a virus or even healthy to wear as we breathe in our own carbon dioxide. I am not planning on taking a COVID-19 vaccine with side effects, and who knows what is in it? While big pharma corporations rake in the billions. Reports say people who are “asymptomatic” are not at risk of spreading the flu.

God help us get a grip on building up our immune systems, protecting the seniors, and stop the fear mongering.

Less than one per cent have been affected.

Sure, wash your hands more frequently, and if you want to wear a mask, go for it. But don’t make healthy people wear one. I want herd immunity.

D. Mountenay, Sturgeon County


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