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LETTER: Climate reality


It is such a great pleasure to read Ed McDonald's letter published in the Gazette of Feb. 15. Instead of countless "could's", "maybes" or "projected" or in science the absolute worst: "consensus " weasel-type words, he used straightforward enumerated facts. An emphasis is made on the most basic unknowns in climate science.

As yet, no one knows how to accurately program in clouds, thunderstorms or the Urban Heat Island effect. How often, and for what reason, have the temperature readings been adjusted? Is it true that Canada is now using "historical" computer generated data instead of actual temperature readings? Why use the term "global heating" if the only reason can be to inflate the hysteria and angst in the general population?

I totally agree with Mr. McDonald that mankind should clean up its act. We should reduce particulate matter. We should reduce the use of plastic, not only of grocery bags but in any unnecessary wrapping. We should consume locally (i.e. Canadian) produced foods instead of products shipped from overseas. And my favourite pet peeve ... we should help the poor and disadvantaged here now first, before thinking of spending billions on uneconomic intermittent wind turbines and solar panels.

Joe Prins, St. Albert
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