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Generic drug prices coming down

Generic drug prices in Alberta are coming down on April 1. Prices will fall to 56 per cent of comparable brand name drugs under a new agreement between the province, pharmacists and chain drug stores.

Gish team cooks up more than a meal

When Jason Dabbagh turned in his teacher's hat last week, he wore another one that was part head chef and part four-star general.

Ditch coal for wind, says Holden

Alberta needs to ditch coal for wind and gas to meet the challenge of climate change, says the head of one of the province's biggest power companies.

Library gets high marks from survey

St. Albertans love their library and are widely supportive of seeing expansion, but paying for it with higher taxes is a different story.

Akinsdale residents gear up for fight

Resistance is mounting to a proposed affordable housing complex in Akinsdale, where citizens are organizing a petition as well as circulating flyers and emails.

Council looks at proposed future of the trail

City councillors got a first look at what the city’s most recently acquired portion of St. Albert Trail could look like in the future, but they are waiting to solve the smart growth debate before going any further down the road.

Akinsdale 7-Eleven robbed

Two men used physical force to take a small amount of cash from a local convenience store last weekend. Early last Saturday morning around 12:15 a.m., the two men ran into the 7-Eleven convenience store on Akins Drive.

Sex offender's parole revoked

A man who was out on parole after serving seven years for a brutal sexual assault on an 11-year-old girl returned to prison last week.

Farm Focus

More than 1,000 Alberta farmers will be in Edmonton this week to learn about the future of their industry. It’s FarmTech time again, and the conference is sold out.

The air in here

Air shouldn't stink, especially not indoors. And yet it did last year at the Gazette. Some strange smell permeated the air and I couldn't pin down its source. Others noticed it too, eventually.