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Court Briefs

Hurling a glass bottle from a moving vehicle cost a woman $402 in a stunting fine. Lisa Marie Briggs pleaded guilty to the stunting charge May 31, which stemmed from an incident on Oct. 30, 2008.

Hurling a glass bottle from a moving vehicle cost a woman $402 in a stunting fine.

Lisa Marie Briggs pleaded guilty to the stunting charge May 31, which stemmed from an incident on Oct. 30, 2008. Briggs was being followed by the police while driving in St. Albert when she threw a glass bottle from her vehicle window, which police had to swerve to avoid.

She began a trial May 3 for an impaired driving charge, which the Crown has withdrawn.

A man claiming to use marijuana for self-medicated pain management received a $300 fine.

Richard Emile Vachon entered a guilty plea to possession of marijuana. On March 9 police found him in possession of 3.6 grams of marijuana after detecting a strong odour.

Vachon, who has two prior possession convictions in the 1980s and 1990s, said his recent use was brought on by a vehicle accident five years ago.

“I’ve been using marijuana since my motorcycle accident. I’ve just been using it as a painkiller,” he said.

Uttering a death threat over the phone cost an Alexander resident 45 days in jail.

Chester Richard Thom pleaded guilty to threatening to kill his wife April 16.

“I got drunk and got into an argument over the phone,” Thom admitted in St. Albert court. Judge Bruce Garriock sentenced Thom to 45 days. Thom has been in custody since April 30 so the sentence means an extra 15 days in jail.

An Edmonton man with a habit of appearing at the St. Albert residence of a former spouse was denied bail Monday.

Douglas Allen Toomey has been in and out of custody for repeatedly breaching his probation by allegedly contacting a woman he’s been ordered to avoid.

Crown prosecutor Jeff Morrison said Toomey “has shown wanton disregard for the terms of his release.”

Judge Bruce Garriock agreed.

“To release this individual would set the stage for repeated violations,” he said.

Toomey’s latest alleged breach brought charges of assault, uttering threats, failing to comply with release conditions and breach of probation. Toomey’s next court date is June 14.

His defence attorney said he was living at the Salvation Army in Edmonton and trying to find work as a carpenter.

An attempt to pay nothing for shoes at the St. Albert Payless store earned a woman a seven-day jail sentence.

Employees at the St. Albert store grew suspicious on Dec. 12 when they saw Tanny Stephanie Wyllie carrying bags covered by a coat. Store workers called police, who charged Wyllie with one count of theft under $5,000 and one count of failing to comply with conditions relating to a previous shoplifting conviction in Edmonton.

Wylie’s sentence was covered by spending the last two weeks in custody.

A southern Alberta man will spend 19 days in jail after being caught sniffing lacquer thinner in a ditch north of St. Albert.

On May 21 local RCMP discovered Corey Sherman Crowshoe, 30, in the ditch about a kilometre north of St. Albert. Crowshoe was impaired and charged with failing to comply with the terms of release stemming from previous charges.

The sentence was 30 days, less the 11 he’s already spent in custody.

Random assault

A random attack on a vehicle occupant earned a local resident a 12-month suspended sentence.

Trevor Keith Deleeuw, 21, pleaded guilty to one count of assault stemming from a verbal disagreement that turned physical on Sept. 18 of last year. Deleeuw was intoxicated when he targeted a male occupant of a vehicle in St. Albert, court heard. The victim wasn’t known to Deleeuw and there was no reason cited for the attack.

“Though the assault wasn’t that serious, the element of randomness is concerning,” said crown prosecutor Jeff Morrison.

Judge Bruce Garriock handed down a 12-month suspended sentence. Deleeuw must report to a probation officer and perform 30 hours of community service.

Deleeuw said he’s quit drinking and is open to taking anger management courses.

“I’d like to apologize for my actions,” he said.

In April Deleeuw pleaded guilty to single counts of assault and uttering threats stemming from a dispute at a house party.