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The great apologist

Trudeau's claim to be a feminist and defender of aboriginal rights is merely political posturing

Is Alberta gradually moving toward independence?

The province is buried in staggering debt

Avoid GMO labelled foods

Making the case for keeping chemicals out of our food

Love thy neighbour

The hate against Muslims has become increasingly heinous

Difficult financial decisions ahead for new Alberta government

Province's dire situation is made worse by the current economy

A future free of war seems unattainable

Seventy-fifth anniversary of D-Day prompts reflection

We need to dump the myth of the ‘vanishing Indian’

The stereotype of the ‘vanishing Indian’ is a common one in Canadian and American pop culture.

Alabama abortion ban sparks larger debates

The topic of abortion is perhaps one of the most controversial political debates in recent history, a debate reignited this past month by a new law passed in the American state of Alabama on May 15.

Dancing to the trade talk tunes

One hesitates about becoming distracted away from the China-USA trade turkey trot, given its uncomfortable impact on Canada.

Identity politics is divisive

Labels are on everything, from packages to products to people. It’s a simple way for us to determine the ingredients, price, usage, care, or ownership of something.