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OPINION: Parking ban should have "teeth"


As I’m certain almost all of us can agree, Alberta’s winter months can be challenging and for the crews, diligently clearing the snow from our roadways, it’s extremely challenging. Therefore, why does our city council not “give some teeth” to the “No Parking” signage placed in areas designated for snow removal?
In order to seek an answer to my question, I contacted Councillor Hughes, who immediately relayed my question to the “City Inquiries” department. Here’s the answer I received and I quote:

"Currently the City of St. Albert does not have a parking ban policy. During snow removal residents are encouraged to move their cars with signage providing advance notice. Public Works staff and contractors will return to clean up areas missed due to parked cars. Please call (780) 459-1557 to report. Vehicles parked in excess of 72 hours without movement may be subject to penalty and should this be a concern please contact with Municipal Enforcement Services (780) 458-7700."

Can you believe it? Your hard-earned taxpayer’s dollar will send the crews back to clean up the mess left behind because irresponsible citizens chose to leave vehicles parked on the streets. I say, “Respectfully, city councillors, give “some teeth” to that signage providing advanced notice and levy fines on those people who choose to leave their vehicles parked on the streets during periods of snow removal work!”

Leona Hodge, St. Albert

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