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Ladies – Learn Expert Tips for Care… for Down There

Heads up. This article is going to talk about vaginas and vaginal care. Does that make you feel uncomfortable? By avoiding the word and proper discussions about it, women the world over are taught to feel shame, embarrassment and even fear about what is a natural body part.

It’s okay to change the narrative – and for you to be a part of that change. The more we normalize the word vagina and talk openly about its care and sexuality, the more women are empowered to seek the medical advice they need, to enjoy sex and to be free from negative stereotypes about their beautiful bodies.

Alright ladies. You know that vagina care is important, but it can be embarrassing to search for care tips, or to ask your doctor if something feels, looks or smells wrong. First of all, it’s a body part and absolutely nothing to be ashamed or uncomfortable about. If something is wrong, seeking medical advice is the right thing to do – and can prevent further issues such as cervical cancer, rashes or infections. Outside of doctor visits, there are ways you can care for your vagina to keep it as healthy as possible. Let’s look at some expert tips for general vagina care.

First, get to know your anatomy. You can’t truly understand how to properly care for something until you know what it is, so take some time to familiarize yourself with the different parts of your vagina. That way, if something isn’t quite right in the future, you’ll have a better idea of what it could be. Grab a mirror and take a look. And don’t be shy about checking out information online, from educational sources.

Second, clean regularly but don’t overdo it with soaps and washes that are not pH balanced. If your vagina starts feeling dry or uncomfortable after washing too much or when using soaps, switch cleansers. A gentle wash with water only is enough to maintain the pH balance under the hood, and a gentle soap is appropriate for the outside. Your vulva does not need soap; in fact, you should steer clear of scented products and douches. Check out this excellent article from Healthline about how to wash your vagina and vulva.

Third, practice safe sex- always! It should go without saying but make sure to keep a pack of condoms handy. Not only does this help prevent unwanted pregnancies but also helps protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

Finally, don’t forget about lubrication! Not only does lube help make sex more enjoyable, but it also helps reduce irritation from friction caused by dryness or vigorous movement. Be sure to choose one specifically made for sexual purposes otherwise you may end up causing more harm than good.

Your vagina is a beautiful part of your body and deserves the same care and attention as every other part of the unique being that is you.

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