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Soul Fitness Body Mind Studios: Moving Towards True Wellness

SPONSORED CONTENT – When you hear the word yoga, an image probably comes to mind of a roomful of people on mats, all in the same curious pose.

But Soul Fitness Body Mind Studios goes far beyond Downward Dog.

E-RYT 500, Certified Human Movement Specialist and Reiki Master Lisa Babiuk has developed her own system – Integral Movement Systems - a very a unique approach to fitness and health, based on her more than three decades of education and experience in understanding body movement.

“We have an international following as one of the leading movement educators from a fascia and living tensegrity, or biotensegrity focus,” says Babiuk. “The main benefit, and that which sets us apart, is our focus on these areas. When applied correctly, the benefits are immediately noticeable.”

Tensegrity science is the idea that muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons are all part of the same system, working together through tension and compression to make a body strong. Babiuk’s system focuses on remodeling tissue through multi-dimensional movement.

It challenges traditional ways of body care, aiming to enhance performance and reduce or even eliminate chronic pain through proper movement.

One on one training begins with a complete movement assessment and then continues with weekly or bi-weekly sessions designed to build structural integrity throughout the entire body.

Each session is different, reflecting the changing needs of the client as their body remodels and adapts to the exercises.

“It opens up this whole new freedom of movement,” says Babiuk.

The individual focus is important because everyone’s body moves differently and the solution doesn’t lie in the same static pose, or linear exercise for everyone.

“If you’ve seen one person with back pain, you’ve seen one person with back pain,” she says.

The program also includes notes from each session and homework to promote consistency in training. Participants receive a complimentary membership for Integral Movement branded drop-in classes during their training agreement.

It’s beneficial for those impacted by pain in their daily routine or while exercising, elite athletes wanting to enhance their performance, seniors seeking to counteract the effects of aging, and individuals who have not found long-term benefits from other forms of physical therapy or personal training.

Babiuk had one client who was scheduled for spinal surgery, but was on a year-long wait list and wanted help in the meantime. Babiuk began work with her and by the time her surgery was actually scheduled, the doctor said she no longer needed it.

“That’s a wonderful kind of outcome,” said Babiuk. “It shows Integral Systems is something you can do while you’re waiting.”

In addition to one-on-one sessions, Integral Movement Systems offers drop-in classes Integral Strength and Integral Stretch are designed to build efficiency and adaptability in movement. There are also tailored private group programs for sports teams that aim to reduce recovery time and prevent injuries– and all sessions also include a mental skills component.

Soul Fitness also offers a variety of Yoga classes, including the very popular suspension class. Suspension Yoga involves hammocks as a prop that ease the weight of the body, allowing for a diverse range of movement, more awareness in poses, balance training, and supportive inversions.

Babiuk has even developed her own style of yoga – Blob Yoga, which uses partially deflated stability balls (that look like blobs!) in place of hard blocks or restraints. It offers a deeper level of relaxation and allows for a deep range of movement that moves with your body. Blob yoga also promotes and aids deeper levels of sleep.

Other classes to try include hatha yoga, yin yoga, flow yoga and express yoga (some with hot and candlelight variations)

Whether you are an individual, youth, athlete, teacher looking for Yoga training hours, or a senior, your solutions can start at Soul Fitness. Visit the studio online today to learn more. Soul Fitness is also active on Facebook, Instagram, and X.

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