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SmartGuard Self Storage
The Local, Tech-forward, Hassle-free Choice

During the grand opening special, new customers can enjoy a $100 gift certificate to the Thirsty Rooster Eatery, one month free with three months prepaid, or two months free with twelve months prepaid.

When you need a trusted, local, convenient self storage solution, you need SmartGuard.

Co-founder Evan Houle notes, “SmartGuard is owned and operated by St. Albert locals with the goal of providing a brand-new self storage experience in the heart of St. Albert, at the next level of convenience and security. Our industry-leading smartphone technology means the entire self storage process is condensed down into a single button on your smartphone, ensuring maximum security, efficiency, and control when it comes to your valuables.”

This is great news for anyone in need of self storage. For example, seniors looking to downsize but needing time to sort through a lifetime of memories can get the time and space they need thanks to self storage. Adults that are suddenly empty nesting as their children go off to college can turn their kid’s bedroom into that art studio or spare room. As for their kid’s belongings? Off to self storage where their childhood memories are safe and sound until they find their own home. What about outdoor enthusiasts who need a secure storage for the off season? SmartGuard is where to keep your boat, convertible, or even your quad. No matter what you need to store, or why you need to store it, SmartGuard is the answer.

Co-founder Zach Houle adds: “Our location is far more central than any other option. We are located right in St. Albert, not on the outskirts of the city.”

That is not the only way SmartGuard stands out. This facility offers top-notch security features that truly set it apart. With state-of-the-art technology like smart keys, access tracking, in-unit motion sensors, and automated roll-up doors, SmartGuard ensures the highest level of security for its customers. In addition to its advanced security measures, every unit at SmartGuard is climate controlled and conveniently located at ground level – no elevators – providing a safe and accessible experience. This is on top of numerous drive-up units, automated overhead doors, contactless technology, and perks. Not to mention all this comes with outstanding customer service from local, knowledgeable staff standing by and ready to help.

During the grand opening special, new customers can enjoy a $100 gift certificate to the Thirsty Rooster Eatery, one month free with three months prepaid, or two months free with twelve months prepaid.

Houle and his team are happy to share some other ways to make your life easier and less cluttered thanks to self storage:

  • Moving: Self storage can be incredibly useful during a move. This is especially helpful if you have a gap between moving out of one place and moving into the next.
  • Decluttering: You can store seasonal items, old furniture, or belongings that you don't need on a regular basis, freeing up valuable space in your home.
  • Renovations: During home renovations, it's often necessary to temporarily clear out certain rooms or areas. Self storage allows you to safely store your belongings without the risk of damage or cluttering up other parts of your home.
  • Business Storage: Self storage is not just for personal use! Small businesses and entrepreneurs benefit from using self storage to store inventory, equipment, files, or supplies.
  • Hobby and Recreational Equipment: If you have hobbies or sports that require special equipment, such as camping gear, sports gear, or musical instruments, self storage provides a dedicated space to keep these items organized and easily accessible.
  • Temporary Living Situations: If you're transitioning to temporary living arrangements, such as staying with family or friends, or while traveling for an extended period, self storage can safeguard your belongings until you settle into a more permanent home.
  • Document and Archive Storage: Businesses often use self storage to store important documents, records, and archives. It provides a secure and climate-controlled environment to protect sensitive information.

The reasons for using self storage vary, but it offers flexibility, convenience, and peace of mind knowing that your belongings are safe and accessible when you need them. Thanks to SmartGuard Self Storage, you get all these benefits plus the technology that gives you complete security and peace of mind. Visit SmartGuard online and on Facebook and Instagram to learn more.

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