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PowerCOAT Canada: A One-Stop Shop for All Your Coating Needs

Located in Riel Business Park in Saint Albert, PowerCOAT Canada is a leader in the protective coatings industry. With a reputation for providing the best customer service and support along with the highest quality products, PowerCOAT has made its mark not just in the local market but right across the country.

PowerCOAT specializes in supplying a range of protective coating products along with the tools and equipment needed to apply them. The company's offerings include decorative floor coating products, rubber paving products, spray in bed-liner products, automotive window film and automotive paint protection film. These products have proven their worth over time due to their durability, resistance, and aesthetic appeal.

PowerCOAT Canada offers protective and decorative coatings such as epoxy, polyurethane, polyaspartics and many other specialty products like anti-graffiti coatings and Direct to Metal coatings. Products like decorative chip blends, coloured quartz blends and metallic pigments used in epoxy are also stocked at PowerCOAT. These types of coatings are used on garage floors, basements, main floors, patios, steps, and sidewalks.

For DIY customers and home renovators, PowerCOAT’s products provide a unique opportunity to tackle home beautification projects with industrial-grade materials. The company's decorative coatings add a touch of elegance and durability to any space, making them a popular choice among homeowners looking to enhance their living space.

As Terry Mayer, the owner of PowerCOAT Canada, puts it, "We are the bridge to industrial coatings for those that wish to tackle any home beautification project.  Big box stores are one of our competitors as they carry similar products, however we excel at providing start-to-finish customer support and a much better price.”  PowerCOAT prides itself on offering high quality products and comprehensive customer support, making it the preferred choice for many.

Rubber Paving has taken the market by storm in the last few years and PowerCOAT is at the forefront of this industry by supplying all the products needed to rubber pave over your old concrete and make it look and feel amazing. This adds lots of value to your home as it can be applied in many different colour blends and will last over 20 years.

Contractors and professional applicators find PowerCOAT’s products invaluable for their versatility and quality. The company's coatings can be used in a variety of applications, including residential, commercial, and industrial locations, offering a one-stop solution for all your coating needs.

Automotive shops benefit from PowerCOAT’s diverse product line. The company's automotive window film, paint protection film and spray in bed-liner coatings offer superior protection and finish, enhancing the look and lifespan of vehicles.                                                                                                        

Terry Mayer with over 20 years of experience and his team have built a reputation for delivering exceptional customer service that is driven by an in-depth understanding of their products and the needs of their customers. This commitment to customer service excellence has earned them a five-star rating on Google. The positive feedback emphasizes their extensive expertise, round-the-clock availability, and fair pricing. These attributes have led customers to choose PowerCOAT Canada as their preferred coatings provider.

“We go beyond just selling products; we offer product recommendations tailored to each customer's specific needs and project requirements,” adds Mayer.

One of the key elements of Mayer's customer service strategy is the emphasis on education. He believes in empowering customers with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their coating needs. PowerCOAT ensures that each customer is provided with the best coating solution for their project.

PowerCOAT Canada has carved a niche for itself in the coatings industry. With its high-quality epoxy and polyaspartic coatings, decorative floor coatings, automotive window film, paint protection film and spray in bed-liner coatings, it continues to offer its customers top-notch products and unparalleled service. Learn more online and on Facebook. Click here to learn more about PowerCOAT window film, and the specialized Scorpion Protective Coating.

Simply put if you are thinking about applying any type of decorative coating in 2024 then you should really think about calling PowerCOAT for the best products, the best service and the best prices! Or better yet visit their showroom in Reil Park and see for yourself all the options they have available for your project.

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