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Peace of Mind for Seniors and Caregivers

Peace of Mind clients quickly discover how authentic and genuine Lautner is, and how her passion for service is evident in every aspect of her company.

During International Women’s Month, Alberta Prime Times is celebrating women that are making a difference in our local business and community landscapes. Meet Tammy Lautner, founder of Peace of Mind Concierge.

Tammy Lautner, Registered Social Worker (RSW) is the founder of Peace of Mind Concierge. She launched the company to fill the gap between home care and other forms of assistance for seniors and their families. Services offered include outreach support and advocacy, personal assistance (holiday decorating, grocery shopping, errands, organizing and paying bills, etc.), companionship and home organizing/downsizing.

“I launched the business and incorporated in August of last year,” says Lautner, “As an RSW with more than 20 years of experience, I have a passion for supporting seniors and their families. I have worked largely in the public sector and knew that by opening a private practice, I would have the agility and resources needed to offer faster, more detailed levels of support.”

Her outreach/advocacy service in particular is a great help to caregivers.

Lautner explains, “The systems can be difficult to navigate. What often happens is, quite suddenly, a daughter or son becomes a caregiver to a parent. Which government services are available? What programs are they entitled to? What can be done for healthcare, housing, etc.? I help caregivers navigate the systems while also providing emotional support and encouragement.”

Lautner continues, “There is no doubt about the love caregivers have for their parents but that doesn’t mean it is easy to be in the Sandwich Generation (caring for both aging parents and young children at the same time). I call my company Peace of Mind because we give caregivers the gift of time and support so they can enjoy those family relationships while having some of the tasks taken care of professionally.”

In light of International Women’s Month, she shares some insights.

“Women are the primary caregivers in the home and in the Sandwich Generation. Many women feel a sense of duty and do not ask for help, but this has serious ramifications on their own health. They feel guilty if they need time off or to delegate care, but if they don’t, they suffer from burnout. It’s important to remember that it is okay to not be okay sometimes. If you don’t care for yourself first, you can’t care for others. Reach out for help.”

Peace of Mind clients quickly discover how authentic and genuine Lautner is, and how her passion for service is evident in every aspect of her company.

“I have been working with seniors for 20+ years. I truly care about helping people and instilling hope in families. That is why I’m a social worker and why I started my business. Many clients come to me with a sense of hopelessness. They don’t want to burden family or friends with their struggles. To come in and provide support and hope, while never compromising confidentiality or dignity, is something I truly love to do. It’s my passion.”

She understands how hard it is for people to reach out for help; her approach is one of patience and understanding. Whether someone is just enquiring or coming to Peace of Mind with an urgent need, all are met with professional, dignified, caring and discreet service.

“My clients place a great deal of trust in me,” Lautner says. “I understand and appreciate that.”

Outside of Peace of Mind, Lautner is a firm advocate for caregivers and seniors. She was instrumental in starting a celebration of women in the City of Fort Saskatchewan. This involvement earned her a Humanitarian Award nomination. In 2014 Lautner received a national award for her work in a long-term care facility.

While pleased by recognitions, Lautner admits, “My focus remains firmly on helping caregivers, seniors and their families, whether it is helping a newly widowed senior downsize, grocery shopping for a senior with low mobility or supporting a family by helping them find resources and government support. The impact on caregivers and their families has an impact that ripples out into communities at large. Peace of Mind is here to make a difference. Please do not suffer in silence if you or a loved one needs support. We are here, we care, and we are ready to help”

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