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No Planet B Refillery Offers a Local, Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Choice

Recently opened, No Planet B Refillery in St. Albert offers eco-friendly, package-free, Canadian-made soaps, detergents and cleaners.

Simply bring in your clean containers and have them weighed. Pick out your products and have them filled. The containers are weighed again to calculate how much of the bulk product has been selected and you only pay for the weight of the product. Thanks to being able to use any clean container, you help save plastic waste from landfills.

Kristi Huot-Besler, Owner, says, “My journey to sustainable living started when I watched a documentary about harsh chemicals and how they affect our health. This trickled into watching more documentaries on eating a plant-based diet and choosing organic. To say my mind was blown is an understatement. I wanted to make all the changes immediately; I couldn't believe I was so blind to how certain industries were harming our planet.”

She switched to a vegan diet and started making her own bath, body, and household cleaning products.

“I bought most of my groceries at Amaranth where they recently installed a small refill station,” continues Huot-Besler. “My sister-in-law was always raving to me about the zero waste store in Edmonton called Re:Plenish.  At the end of August, we went to Jasper and we saw a sign for a shop there called Jade Refillery. Jade is set up in a small little hallway inside of a building with multiple shops. They mainly had their products on a 2X4 shelf and I couldn't believe how much positive influence for our planet was coming from such a small space.”

Inspired, the plan was set in motion for No Planet B Refillery.

“On the way home from Jasper I had a light bulb moment and decided I could offer the same thing,” confirms Hout-Besler. “I could help my fellow St. Albert citizens reduce their plastic consumption by offering a local spot that carries plastic-free products and bulk soaps.”

No Planet B Refillery opened on October 28.

“A study shows that Canadians produce more garbage per capita than any other country, but taking small steps will make a huge difference,” she notes. “If everyone chose to refill their laundry soap or buy zero waste laundry strips that would reduce the amount of plastic laundry detergent jugs in landfills across North America by 700,000,000. Now imagine if we did that with our shampoo, conditioner, lotion, hand sanitizer, mouth wash, bathroom cleaner, all purpose cleaner etc. The impact would be huge!”

Although Huot-Besler is working from a home location and launching the business part time, she looks forward to transitioning the refillery to a full time venture soon and is taking diploma courses to become a science-based formulator in hair and skin care. And, despite being open just a couple weeks, the shop is growing in popularity quickly and has already attracted high quality vendors such as Edmonton-based Jack59 (shampoo and conditioning bars), Change Toothpaste, and the Canadian manufactured eco-friendly laundry strips from Tru Earth.

“Wheat stalk cutlery kits and cups have just arrived, as have bulk essential oils,” adds Huot-Besler. “Soon to come is glass floss containers with refill packs, silicone bags to replace single use plastic baggies, and one of my favourite zero waste swaps is safety razors.”

Huot-Besler is changing the world one refill at a time, and now St. Albert and area residents can join her. Not only is No Planet B Refillery good for the environment, it’s a local option that helps you save time and money while supporting local businesses. Be the change the world needs. Get started by visiting to learn more.

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