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Meet Logan Patterson – St. Albert’s Young Realtor Talent

Logan is a breath of fresh air for many St. Albert home sellers, with his unique home listing options offering two levels of service.

Logan is helping home sellers save money or effectively market their home to a larger audience. You can lean into his proven marketing techniques, or he will provide a simpler, standard Realtor service with an opportunity to save money on your home sale, while still providing professional pictures, and 24/7 service!

From a young age, Logan Patterson, Associate Broker at Logic Realty, was intrigued by the real estate process.

“I grew up in the home my grandfather built, and I spent a lot of time in architecturally unique homes of family friends in the industry,” he says. “I formally set my sights on real estate in university when I completed a diploma in Real Estate Development, along with a BCom at the University of Alberta.”

The Logic Realty brand has been in operation since 1995; Patterson joined this brokerage in 2018.

“My background in real estate development has given me a strong advantage over other Realtors,” He confides. “I spent a year working for a large multifamily developer in downtown Edmonton and another year at a smaller infill development company. This knowledge of home building allows me to provide unique insight to my clients.”

Patterson continues, “Another advantage is my fair commission offering for home sellers. If you’re interested in selling your home but you’re worried about the commissions or feel like your home has no critical features that would benefit from more advanced online marketing or advertising. I can offer this simpler service by providing a more basic marketing package. My simple listing plan, can help you save money while selling your home. I will do fewer open houses and no paid online promotions, or weekly vacant home checks, but many times there is minimal advantage to these services.”

He points out why it’s important to work with a licensed Realtor, saying, “Working with a Realtor is important from both a home buying and home selling perspective. When you sell your house there are some slightly confusing aspects, like your Real Property Report, using a legal sale contract, understanding what it means to have a clear title, and most importantly marketing your home to the largest audience.

“On the buying side, it is very hard to know exactly what is out there without employing a Realtor. Many home buyers do not understand the lengths their Realtors will go for them! As a Realtor, I am happy to show my clients dozens of homes until they find the perfect one. On top of that, it is our job to run the comparable sales and ensure whatever home you do find is purchased for market value or lower.”

For his unique service style and commitment to customers, Patterson is proud to have received Rank My Agent Best in Canada 2022 and Rank My Agent Best in Edmonton 2022 awards, and a Best in Edmonton – Top 10 Realtor nod. However, he says, “My greatest reward is working with my clients. I love helping a new home buyer or current homeowner with their purchase.”

For great service from a knowledgeable Realtor that loves helping clients, reach out to Logan Patterson. You’ll get the experience, customer service, and range of options you need to ensure the smoothest possible process for buying or selling your home.

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