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Marie Renaud is Ready to Lead

Before being elected, Renaud was Executive Director for the Loseca Foundation in St. Albert for 14 years, providing housing and support services for disabled Albertans.

Marie Renaud has represented St. Albert in the Alberta Legislature since 2015. Before being elected, Renaud was Executive Director for the Loseca Foundation in St. Albert for 14 years, providing housing and support services for disabled Albertans.

“I’ve learned a lot and experienced so much since being elected, and I’m grateful to St. Albert residents for the opportunity to represent them,” she says. “In my first term, I helped secure funding for a neonatal ICU at the Sturgeon Hospital and worked with the St. Albert Midwives to secure maximum courses of care from AHS. I am pleased to report they have recently opened the Rinita Birth Centre in Akinsdale. This wonderful addition to St. Albert will reduce pressure on the Sturgeon while offering birthing choices to families.”

In addition to her support for health care, Renaud has advocated for infrastructure investment over her two terms as MLA.

“Alberta’s first NDP government under Rachel Notley tackled infrastructure projects that were neglected by the Conservatives. In St. Albert, we built high quality schools like Lois Hole Elementary in Erin Ridge. I want to ensure funding for schools in our new growth areas, such as Riverside and Cherot.

“We also got the job done on twinning Ray Gibbon Drive. By securing a cost-sharing agreement between the province and City, we prevented that project from being delayed or cancelled by the UCP”.

After her 2019 re-election, Renaud took on a critic portfolio, serving as the opposition critic for community and social services as well as Francophone issues. Renaud highlights some major priorities in this role:

“The NDP indexed AISH and income support to inflation, to ensure that disabled and low-income Albertans wouldn’t get left behind. The UCP froze that funding for four years. We’ll reverse those cuts and focus on affordability and a better future for Albertans”.

Renaud states that this election will be “critical,” and notes that the NDP rejects the UCP's plans for pensions and policing.

“Two issues that I hear about often from St. Albert voters are, Danielle Smith’s dangerous plans to pull Albertans’ savings out of the Canada Pension Plan and the plan to fire the RCMP. Rachel Notley and the NDP will protect the CPP and safeguard your savings.

“Instead of downloading policing costs to taxpayers, we’ll make sure our police and RCMP can count on consistent funding. We don’t need an Alberta Police Force, but we need to make sure police have the tools and support they need.”

Renaud also notes specific commitments from the NDP platform for the St. Albert area, saying, “Alberta’s NDP is committed to funding the Lakeview Business District. The District offers a tremendous opportunity for St. Albert and the region, with potential for an estimated 7,000 new jobs. We’ll also end the crisis in public healthcare. Unlike Danielle Smith, under Rachel Notley, no Albertan will ever need to pay to see their family doctor.”

She continues, “We’re strongly committed to a new X-Ray machine for the Morinville Clinic. The UCP failure on this is unacceptable, and I know that’s a priority for my colleague [Morinville-St. Albert NDP candidate] Karen Shaw, who will be a strong representative for the region.”

Renaud is hopeful that she will have the opportunity to continue serving St. Albert after the next election.

“During my time as MLA, I’ve developed an understanding of what constituents expect. They expect us to listen, then listen some more. They expect reasonable access, advocacy, integrity, hard work and collaborative partnerships. I would be honoured to continue serving St. Albert as your MLA. An NDP government led by Rachel Notley will work with you to build a better future.”