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Learning and Growing Through Play at SIGIS Child Care Society

SIGIS Child Care Society uses a curriculum-focused program to help youth ages 0-12 have fun while learning new skills. The team at SIGIS are not just here to provide experienced, expert child care. Directors Tricia and Heather explain that SIGIS focuses on a holistic, whole body development experience that encompasses the mental, physical and spiritual growth of the children in their care.

“We are able to help the children achieve growth and development goals through building up social relationships and providing learning opportunities that are engaging and fun, says Tricia.

“Our low staff turnover and reliable consistency provide a stable environment in which children and their families thrive,” adds Heather. “We have been fortunate to be able to provide this consistently for many, many years. Our staff have been here from 5 to 20+ years, allowing them to build strong relationships with the children and with each other.”

Part of character building is being a responsible community citizen. To this end, SIGIS Child Care Society involves the children in giving back activities where appropriate; for example, bringing in donation items for the local food bank. The Society itself demonstrates by example by supporting local businesses and causes, and by raising funds to help with the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

The programming is designed for the age groups in SIGIS’ care. Toddlers are welcomed into a warm and friendly environment and into a space ideally suited for their development needs. Small group play is encouraged, the equipment is appropriately sized and the lessons focus on learning through curiosity and movement. Both indoor and outdoor play builds strong bodies and minds.

Pre-schoolers get to experience tastes of independence as they learn skills in the classroom and in the natural world. In addition to the licensed outdoor play space just for them, pre-schoolers also get (as time and weather allow) nature walks in fields, near ponds and other natural areas. The pre-school program fires up their imagination and helps them build lifelong skills.

School-aged children enjoy a curriculum woven around STEM and project-based activities. Robust outdoor play keeps them active with both team sports and nature-focused adventures. The children work with the educators to help hone in on play spaces that mimic their life. This is why you can find everything from play barns to kitchens in their education space.

SIGIS Child Care Society is focused on the mental, spiritual, social and physical development of children. Age appropriate programs incorporate play, teamwork, movement and a healthy respect for the natural world. Children at SIGIS learn fundamental skills while learning how to work with each other, independently and be part of a larger community. Learn more about SIGIS Child Care Society by visiting them online and on Facebook and Instagram.

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